Monday, November 03, 2008

Mommy-Daughter Monday

As a result of working all day Saturday, I had today off. Which worked out well because Big S was winding his way across the country on the way back from his Grandma's funeral. Also as a result of working all day Saturday, Little S was still not happy with me for abandoning her all day. Never mind that it was with a babysitter who likely paid her more attention than her own mother would have. She's just had a hair trigger since then, unhappy about the slightest little thing-very uncharacteristic of her. So today was all about her.

She wore her most appropriate shirt for the day. IMG_3007

(This is the only one that says she "hearts" Mommy. She has several for Daddy though)

We spent most of the day cuddling. The weather was perfect for it; gray, rainy and with a damp chill. Took a long, snuggly nap, built the first fire of the season, walked to drop off our ballot with her snuggled into the Ergo and the Ergo under a raincoat, took a warm bath and now back to snuggling in bed, waiting for Dad to get home and listening to it pour outside. Hopeful Mommy-Daughter Monday, with LOTS of naps & an early bedtime will restore her back to fully happy.


Because nobody puts Baby in a corner.



B!X said...

Love your last line! --Karyla

heather said...

Thanks. When I saw the photo, it was screaming that caption.

Lady S said...