Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Fun

I had most of the day off, so errand running did we go. Well, first we actually went running, a great start to the day. Then, on to the vet to get the stitches out. On the drive there, both S's dozed in the sunshine   IMG_3073 (I know you can't really see Little S in her seat, I promise she was napping)

Unfortunately by the time it was all over, we couldn't make it to book babies with Little Miss A like we had hoped to. Hopefully another Friday soon.  After some working for Mom and eating and napping for Little S, we were off to brave the pre-Thanksgiving grocery crowds. Little S was helping when we got home by pulling things out of the bags. What was the most interesting to chew on?    IMG_3074

The bag of chocolate chips. Of course.

Once that got boring and dinner needed to get made, she tried to wash up for dinner, sanitary child that she is. One problem   IMG_3075

the animal water bowl is probably NOT a health department approved hand washing station. It's still fun to play in  IMG_3076

and,  the floor probably benefited from the extra cleaning there too.

Four words wrapped up our first mommy-daughter day in a while.

Dinner. Green Beans. Notsomuch.



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