Friday, July 09, 2010


The time was right for an adventure! It was hot here-so I booked the last acceptable camp spot on the Oregon coast. The forecast there was for 61 and foggy. A welcome relief from 97 and sunny.

It wasn’t without a little bit of intrepidation. Little S isn’t the greatest sleeper, and putting her in a tent at a campground definitely made me nervous. But, I finally let go and adopted a whatever will be, will be attitude. She’d been going to sleep later and later the whole week and one night going to bed late wasn’t going to hurt.  So we loaded up and headed out with Aunt Aimee, Little S, me and Aunt Aimee’s little blind dog who can’t really be home alone. We leave a little later than planned and there are traffic accidents all over, and it’s HOT. Even with A/C. Add that to a small miscalculation about how far away the campground actually is and it takes up until what would be Little S’ bedtime. She was a great sport in the car-I hadn’t packed much entertainment-so it was a mom & Aunt Aimee jukebox of camp songs. So, we got to the campground and got set up as quickly as possible. Little S was pretty enthralled with the tent.


And then, we went to the ocean. We’d been using the draw of the ocean for the last hour of the drive, so it had some big billing to live up to. And there it was!


The sand!


Once she started playing in the water, it was hard to get any pictures-trying to keep an eye on her. And once my camera went for a swim without a lifejacket, I was extra careful about the camera. She was very nervous about it at first, but seeing two older girls having fun in the water quickly inspired her to want to get in and play “run away” from the waves like they were.

After a 2 hour wrestling match to get her to bed-she finally gave in around 10:00.  There was a lot of middle of the night drama with dog needing to pee, Little S wanting to eat, dog wanting to eat Little S’ food, and more. So after some more slumber, interrupted, Little S decided her day was starting with the light of day. While she was waiting for us to get ready, she had some hard decisions to make, like which pacifier best complemented her outfit.


Once we got through that, we went back down to the ocean. image

We played more “run away” from the waves, and did lots of wading with Mom & Aunt Aimee.


We learned how to make sand castles IMG_2343

(Or more accurately, lumps of sand)

and generally had a great time. Little S definitely wants to sleep in a tent with Mom & bear again and we will make many more trips to the ocean & beach in the future. Even if it is 60 degrees and overcast!