Wednesday, March 21, 2012

9 months

You know it's been a while since you last wrote a blog post when you can't even remember the address for it. Also, this blog is a victim of too much technology. The apparatus I'm posting on is both uncooperative and hard to upload photos to currently, so this is just words on a screen.

boy child has hit the nine month mark. Both agonizingly slowly and terrifyingly fast. He is keeping up in the world in the 90th % in height and up to an amazing 30% in weight. A vast improvement over the 5% and falling at the end of last year. Solid foods as supplement seem to serve him well. Very well. He loves to eat anything and everything. Almost 30 inches and closing in on 20 lbs. He boasts a very proficient low crawl ordering on the real thing and he loves to stand. Much to our chagrin, but inevitable, he can pull up to standing in his crib (playpen really) and tonight it got lowered. Big S took some great photos of boy child pulling up the way he took photos of girl child, but, you'll have to imagine it for now.
He really does mean te world to me, despite my fears of not having aclue what to do with a boy. Visions of horrible outcomes ran through my mind As he had a fever last night, following a few shots, which he got despite having a slight rash. He is so personable and social and cute! I know t's my job to think he's cute, but I was vindicated when he doctor even said he wins the cutest baby of the week-at least- award.

Girl child still rocks our world. Ever observant big S noticed that yesterday, she looked at a situation from both points of view and empathized with both. Not sure what lottery I won to get such amazing kids,but I know I am so thankful for both of them that I am in awe of how much I love them. This first day of soggy spring, I feel so lucky.