Monday, November 17, 2008

A body in motion

When put on the wood floor in cotton clothes that are more slippery than helpful, a baby will start here   IMG_3055 

A good two feet in front of the chair. (And please you to excuse the random leaf under the table. It's not like she's crawling. Yet)

And over the course of a few short moments, progress to here IMG_3056

Halfway under the chair. (and please you to excuse the mashed potatoes on her chin. They were so very yummy that I had to give her a tiny taste)

And with a few more wiggles will end up here  IMG_3058

Under the chair. Wherein Mommy decides to be a good parent and not see what will happen if she keeps scooting backwards (but oh, would you look at all that great hair coming in). And then Mommy has to very quickly pretend she's a good parent because she sees this


And realizes the end result of that would not be photo-worthy. And probably quite evening ruining.

And hey, if you scroll up from here and look at the photos in backwards-order, you can pretend she's crawling. Forward.

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