Saturday, January 24, 2009

Why my husband is afraid to go to work

Because while he’s gone, he has to leave either me or the dog in charge of Little S. When he chooses me, this is evidently what passes for good parenting


Which by itself isn’t a problem, except the fact that the bottle had been up here


on the table previously. It didn’t fall on her, because that would have left a mark that I would be hard-pressed to explain away to him.

I thought maybe she was trying to tell us she needed a little something for her sore gums


And to think I would have guessed her more a vodka girl.

She’s evidently not a happy drunk either.  Her dinner was full of this demonstration of her new skill


Her new trick leads me to believe I am so screwed by the time she hits the terrible twos.

Don’t worry, Dad will be around again tomorrow to supervise us.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Arranged Marriage

So I’ve been thinking WAAAY down the road for Little S. I hope she appreciates it.

After realizing practically everyone I know has girl babies, and worried about a drought of boy babies for her to someday marry (unless of course she will prefer the company of females. which is of course, acceptable) I told Big S we should probably think about arranging a marriage now. I mean, once people figure out that there aren’t enough boys to go around, I think it will be all the rage, and dowries will quickly rise out of our price range for desirable males of suitable breeding and class. So, I got right on it. Today at the dog park a nice woman was doing her good turn for the day and asked after Little S and how old she was. Come to find out she has a 1 year old. She was amenable to an arranged marriage between the two. She said he was cute. She seemed very nice and upbeat and had a dog too. Sounds perfect to me. Although she was on the short side, so Little S may tower over her husband. Little S, your future husband is named Abraham. That’s a good, strong biblical name. Big S, you’ll be in charge of negotiating the dowry. And hey, this way you don’t have to worry about her dating!



Working from home and child chasing when my workload is over the top is admittedly not fun for either of us. After some extra crawling around time while I pressed on, someone was VERY ready for her nap. Maybe a little too ready.

She has some strong feelings against being put on her back, especially on the changing table Seeing as how we wouldn’t really be good parents to leave her in one diaper for the whole day, especially in cloth diapers, the changing table is kind of unavoidable. Add up a messy diaper, resulting in the need for a whole new outfit, lots of wrestling to try and get the diaper off and minimize mess, not to mention a new one on along with a Mom eager to get her to sleep so she could go back to work and you’ll see who won the clothing battle.



(she looks pretty smug about her victory,no?)




Yes it’s winter and the house is 62 degrees, but she didn’t want clothes on, except diaper and one sock, so she went down for her nap that way. Don’t call DCFS yet though. She napped under two comforters and next to a 98.6 degree Mom-person. We put on clothes after her nap.

Enough fun. My quest for another 60 hour work-week beckons!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

blog, sweet, blog

It’s good to be back. The first night in weeks where I can leisurely post some pictures, read some other blogs, and do a zillion other things that have been put off by the pressing demands of work needing every waking moment. It has not invaded my dreams at least. (I do have to confess that one of those late nights was actually a dinner out with a vendor at Bluehour. Some of the best-and most expensive-food I have ever eaten. The gnocchi was like eating little clouds. Everything impeccable. May you get a chance to eat there when someone else is paying someday!)

Well, Little S is not in good cheer of late, having a double whammy of cold and cough, coupled with teething. So, we’ll scroll back to pick up some highlights from earlier this month.

After we mostly emerged from our cocoon of snow and ice, we bundled up Little S for her first trip to the swings. IMG_0075

Needless to say, she (and big S) are hooked. IMG_0106 IMG_0109

That was actual Portland snowfall captured in those pictures. It was the last Sunday of Christmas break after many kids got an extra week in December from the snow. There were LOTS of nervous parents hoping it would turn to rain. Which it did.

Dad had so much fun, he’s made it a regular addition to their time together


She loves her picnic basket from her Aunt, Uncle and Cousin. Her new favorite activity is pulling apart the velcro sandwich. Which she washes down with grape pop.


After the swings were such a hit, we thought we’d see how the little slide went. So with Dad at the top and Mom at the bottom, she slid down the slide! It was wet, so it slowed her progress considerably with each turn, until this was the result

(now that you have high-speed access Grandma and Grandpa W, you can watch this!)

So now that I’ve burned through the battery, I guess it’s time to call it a night. Here’s to more blog posts soon!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

is this thing on?

8 months old

Yes, we're still alive. I won't bore you with the details of working LOOONG hours, being sick and computer crashes that have stood in the way of putting pictures of Little S out there for her adoring family fanbase. I'm hoping there's a light at the end of the tunnel and I can get back to my regularly unscheduled gratuitous baby photo posting. Stay tuned.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

First post of 2009

Warning, contains information dating back to 2008.

So, I'm a little behind on Christmas photos, taken with the new camera Santa dropped off. Little S helped us learn about the camera by reading chewing on the manual


She modeled her new chicken hat


At least for a few seconds, until a giant chicken ate her head


and the dog wanted to see if she tasted like chicken IMG_0024

She practiced her new climbing skills, scaling to the top of the box completely unaided



We were so lucky to have a historic White Christmas


And Little S can remember her first Christmas forever with the amazing quilt from Grandma W

IMG_0053 IMG_0058

The snow has all melted now, but we've still had some great family time together thanks to the holidays. Little S showed off her Royal Tenenbaum outfit from Grammie K IMG_0041

(tennis ball sold separately)

And Little S has continued to perfect her speedy standing abilities


To the point where Big S had to lower the crib today because her pulling herself over the edge of it was next.


So thus ends 2008 and begins 2009. We know many adventures await us in the land of Lorpi. We can't wait to share them all with you.