Friday, November 28, 2008

Hiking-not shopping

Ahhh... today was perfect! Right down to getting most of the Thanksgiving dishes done!

Kilroy Little S was here


This new trick meant that she had to pull this off IMG_3104

Yep-pulling herself up to almost standing. I think it was a fluke. She started seated in the corner of the crib when I looked again was gnawing on it in this crazy kneeling/standing position. Soon after the photo, she got really upset and I think it was because she was stuck and couldn't figure out how to get down. Considering she can only sort of sometimes pull up to sitting, I'm not too worried.

What better post -Thanksgiving day activity in the Northwest than a little hike? Much better than braving the crowds and buying things I don't need anyhow. So, Little S, Furry S, Faas, Scott and I loaded up the van to meet T and her furry friend for a mostly dry hike.  I learned I'm not the power hiker I once was. But slapping an extra 20 pounds on my back going uphill will help remedy that quickly. IMG_3107

(No, we weren't hiking at night, it's just a heavily forested with overcast skies background)




It will be great hill training and every hike, my pack will weigh just a little bit more...

Despite an evening with a rather fussy, nap-refusing little girl and Big S missing out on the fun all day by having to work 12 hours, I would still give today a big


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