Sunday, November 23, 2008

changing my expectations

After ending today very frustrated, I realized that I STILL haven't mentally adjusted my pre-baby expectations of what a day looks like to my new reality. And continually having discord between expectations and reality kind of sucks. Don't get me wrong, today was great and much fun with Little S and Dad, but I had hoped to:

go for a little run, go to church, finally get back in the pool, get to the store, prep and make pizza and maybe, start on the pie dough. Plus taking care of the baby.

My reality?

Don't get out of bed until about 9:00 because Miss Sniffleupagus is only barely asleep, and if I move, she wakes up and I really want her to sleep to help try and tame the sniffles, PLUS we were up for about 2 hours in the middle of the night working on her putting herself back to sleep.

So, mentally make the run shorter and shorter. By the time she's dressed and I have clothes picked out, realize the best I can do is a 15 minute dog walk before church, and even that will make me late. Get to church late. Miss S stays awake, wiggling and bouncing through the whole service, not going to sleep until the last hymn. (Why she can't sleep through the sermon like everyone else?)  So, stay at church extra long while she sleeps. Have an enjoyable time passing her around the teenage girls, but by the time that's over, there's no time to feed her and get to the pool. Adjust my plan for the day and figure I'll hit the pool later. Another big nap for Little S, and all that's left is time to go to the store and get a high chair. Find the one we want and it's probably* sold out.  By the time pizza's made and baby and I have eaten, it's bed time.

So, maybe it's expectations, or maybe I just REALLY need a workout. It seems the workouts keep getting written off by the more pressing demands of this new reality. I'm sure they aren't gone forever, but it turns out it's something I'm missing right now.


On the other hand, today was so much fun with Little S. She is such an engaging baby, ready to gaze at and smile for anyone, no matter how tired she is. Her progression towards crawling is moving ever closer to it actually happening. She had some forward progress today, and she can pull herself forward. She's able to sit up for so long now, and she loves it! And of course, she continues to be cute   IMG_3088

Wearing her Sunday best  


*probably sold out? Well, there were no boxes on the shelf, and it pretty much looked like all stock was on the shelves. So we ask, is this it? The 12 year old Jonas Brother wannabe employee tells me that "we could check back later tonight because they don't have anyone working in the back, so, we would have to wait 2-3 hours to have someone look back there? "WTF? Seriously? You can't even have someone check for stock in the back? What kind of customer service is that? It would be far better to just lie to the customers and tell them you're out, then that story. And how miserable is this poor little d00d going to be when it really sinks in that he works at B@bies R Made in China Us? So not the place to pick up chicks.

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Zozopdx said...

arg--this is definitely one of the hardest adjustments of new parenthood. I really hope you can find ways to get your requisite exercise in!