Saturday, September 27, 2008

The big trip East

After finally getting out of the house, and FINALLY finding parking in the long term lot, we actually breezed through security and had lots of time before our plane left. Steve got little S to sleep in the ergo until time to board. We learned that even though it seems like it would be safer to be wearing the baby, it's forbidden to have them strapped to you during take-off and landing.

The flights to Charlotte, NC and then Boston were fairly unremarkable. She didn't really nap or eat much because she wanted to see everything!So by the last leg of our journey she got pretty inconsolable towards the end. Steve managed to spare the rest of the plane by putting her in the ergo and bouncing her to sleep. It was a long day-11 hours of traveling until we were in a house again.

We started the visit with a great brunch with her Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, Grandma & Grandpa and great Grandpa!


Cousin S was VERY pleased to see his baby cousin again


After brunch we packed up again to head to New Hampshire. We got there just in time for the rehearsal dinner and then back down to Meredith to our very adorable little inn.

The next morning was a beautiful day for a wedding. There was a regatta on Lake Winnipesaukee across from our inn IMG_2875

No time to stop and watch. After a delicious late breakfast, we headed back up to Wonalancet for the wedding.

Sofia was completely fascinated by the fiddler before the wedding IMG_2879

The bride looked beautiful in a perfect setting IMG_2885

The reception was so kid-friendly. There was a 3 week old and kids thru teenagers. IMG_2892

(This isn't the best photo of me, but in the background is Erica Hill, anchor for CNN who is a cousin of the bride. She's swinging her adorable 2 year old, but don't tell TMZ, ok?)




We weren't quite prepared for how cold it would be (there were freeze warnings overnight) so we had to make do with as many clothes for the baby as we had, even though they didn't match. We also wrapped her in a blanket and people were holding her the whole time. She didn't complain, although if she knew how silly she looked to keep warm, she might not have been happy with us. IMG_2894

(Mom will be spending the weekend at garage sales stocking up on warm weather clothes for her)








Steve kept her warm by the campfire, which she also loved.  IMG_2896 Can't wait until winter here to fire ours up and entertain her (it's an enclosed gas fireplace, don't worry)






The next morning we drove South and visited Great-Grandma Korpi. Little S is named after Grammie's mother, and we have no idea if these two will ever meet again. She might not have known who we were, but she lit up to see the baby.IMG_2908








We capped off our visit by watching a certain East Coast football team not emerge victorious at the end of game. But at least we had good food to eat. That night, we discovered Little S was sick, so I'll spare you the details of the grueling 14+ hours traveling home.

It was a nice visit and a gorgeous time of year to visit. We wish we would have had more time to spend with all of our relatives, but it wasn't in the cards this trip.

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we just hit the Outlets for some winter duds, and I got some adorable name-brand stuff at Piccolina! but it still adds up!