Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ready for anything

We’ve had these for over 6 months. She finally decides she’s really into her “gasses” now


Which of course won’t last until summer. Although hopefully she’ll get more used to them by then. Right now when she gets them on, she kind of walks around the house with one hand cautiously out. We’re not entirely sure her eyes are actually open when she’s wearing them. Or, she’s learning empathy for the blind.

AND, she picked the best day of the year so far to decide to wear them. It’s the most exciting day outside in quite some time, in Mom & Dad’s book. A day that caught all of the weather forecasters off guard and had five hour traffic delays in most of the city. This rare, but pleasing sight IMG_1648

We didn’t have to go to the mountains to find the white stuff on Tuesday. Just outside. So, we bundled up the gang and headed out to enjoy it a little


Enjoy she did!


And she got good at the word “snow” and “sled” after sledding down the driveway both with Dad and solo a few times.

We’re so happy it was a much better experience than her last snow visit.  Planning another visit to the snow soon so she can keep up her happy snow momentum.

Long overdue holiday post chock-full o’photos

Thanks to a Christmas gift from Nana, we were able to go to the Oregon Zoo for their Zoolights-a gorgeous light display all around the zoo. Little S was suitably pleased


She was very brave meeting a tiger and dancing with the “Kitty” IMG_1601

Santa brought Little S some exciting presents, including an easel to nurture her recent love of drawing on everything IMG_1605

Surprisingly, she’s pretty much stuck to keeping the chalk and crayons on the easel where they are supposed to be, and not being inspired to write on the walls or anything. There was a big “Uh-oh. Oh no” this morning as the crayon got dropped into the grate over the furnace intake. Once I assured her it was okay, I soon heard at least one more being dropped into there. Good thing the cover comes off easily.

Big S got some pajama pants-or so he thought. Turns out they were actually just another fun toy for Little S to be flung through the air in. IMG_1615 IMG_1616 

Little S was the vision of Christmas in her special Christmas dress made by Grandma Wetter

 IMG_1617  IMG_1623








You never know what will delight a kid. One of her new favorite things is to push her new wheeled luggage/lion around the house. FAST! IMG_1636








She also got another gorgeous Christmas Dress from Nana that she got to show off at church on Sunday.


She just wows everyone when we’re there. Her cuteness lets her get away with being a little unruly without upsetting people too much before I whisk her away to the nursery.

It’s been such a great holiday, and we’ve been lucky to have Aunt Aimee here to share it with us. She somehow has stealthily avoided most photo opportunities. It’s a wise person who doesn’t try and share screen time with babies or pets. We know there will be lots of photos of her to come when she moves out here (!) in June!

Looking forward to a great 2010 with the best Little and Big S’ ever!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The shepherd that wasn’t

This was supposed to be pictures of Little S’ first church Christmas pageant. However, she missed her entrance because it was moving MUCH faster that we anticipated for a kids Christmas pageant, and by the time we got into something vaguely “Shepherdess-y” got our stuffed sheep ready to take and herd, and played “gotcha” as I tried to corral her into her coat and out the door, we missed it. Eh. It wouldn’t have been that great this year anyway. We’ll save our premiere for next year when her attention span is closer to 8 minutes long.

The weather has been kind of splashy and Little S has loved it from a surprisingly cold and windy hike on Saturday IMG_1578

to a rainy walk to the park on Sunday IMG_1591

She never ceases to entertain us and it’s great to watch her imagination grow by the day. She sees things we never would, and that makes every day so amazing. Today, she taught us that our wood stove is perfect for American Idol auditions

We are eagerly awaiting Aunt Aimee’s arrival for 10 days of holiday fun and festivities. Three adults + one kid + Christmas should mean lots of memories created and photos to share.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bucket head

Sometimes, I like to wear my special hat to help sweep.





A windy, sheepy day

Christmas trees being what they are, generally require a trek during the cold, dark months to retrieve the PERFECT tree. There have been years we’ve trekked through the snow in the woods on snowshoes to get a Charlie Brown Christmas tree. There have been rainy years and last year a surprisingly dry trip. This year, hands down, was the COLDEST and windiest we have ever had.

The start of what would be a very cold (for us) week kicked off with gusty winds, kicking the wind chill down to about 15 degrees throughout the day. Undeterred, because we had to get the tree and get it up, we set off for Beck’s Tree & Sheep farm.

Little S started by finding one just her size IMG_1544

And, that was about the end of her searching for the tree, because then she heard “Baaaaa. Baaaa” And she started her search for the sheep.


She was quite delighted about this.  So much, that she then kept trying to kiss them


(It’s hard to tell where sheep ends and Little S begins in that coat)

Did I mention it was windy? This was right before a gust blew her completely over


Fortunately Dad soldiered on and found us the TREE IMG_1546

which you’ll note that Little S was none too happy about being removed from the sheep to help with the tree. She kept signing “more” and pointing at the sheep. Occasionally throwing in a “Baaa” to help clarify for us because clearly we couldn’t understand her since we weren’t taking her right back over there!

We survived that and got some delicious lamb pepperoni for our pizza that night. That will be a fun conversation to have with her someday…

We get home, get her in bed and bring the tree in. Only to discover that it’s too big for the tree stand. So, that amazing guy I married took the tree and a recip. saw out in 20-25 MPH wind gusts and 15-20 degree night air to saw away and MAKE the damn thing fit! IMG_1547

And, come to find out that because it’s so much bigger than any previous tree, the lights I have only cover 2/3 of it. So, the picture of the finished product will have to wait.

A Tannenbaum for the ages.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Kiddie Christmas

Being of a certain age, more and more friends from many different circles of my life have kids. And, since we’re now all busy with kids, we rarely see each other. So, I figured I would throw a kid friendly Christmas party since so many of them are not open to the wee ones.

A great and sugary time was had by all. The photos aren’t the best because it’s hard to get many fast moving targets at once, let alone worry about optimum shutter speed and lighting!

There was hardly any shyness, despite the fact most of them hadn’t met before. And the kids got along great too!

Clare on Anneke’s Mommy’s lap


Kids know a Mommy & Daddy lap when they see one, even if it’s not their own. And a lap with a book is enough to make it look like I birthed triplets or more


(Emi, Clare, Sofia & Anneke all enjoying Bob the Builder)

Despite the fact there were five girls between 1.5 and 2.5 years, there were very few battles over things. Who knows if next year when everyone’s closer to three if it will be as peaceable. IMG_1555

Clare and Anneke sharing important grocery cart items.

Imagine this crowd in 14 years IMG_1558

And of course, you have to dress up for Christmas parties, so Little S insisted on her finest footwear IMG_1554

Hello Elmo slippers.

I can’t speak for any of the under two set, but for the sake of their Moms, I hope the rest of them are as zonked out as Little S is. And I may be soon too!

Definitely the best Christmas party of the season because I shared it with Little S and her friends! And of course my wonderful friends who made they day so much fun!

Saturday, December 05, 2009

A cold Saturday

It’s been chilly here-for Portland; low of 28, high only in the 30’s today. And, Little S also has a cold. Never fun, but goes with the territory.

Trying to placate her frequent fussiness today, she became Mom’s little kitchen helper


She stirred her pot as I made dinner.

As she was finishing dinner, she melted me. She kept saying a word I wasn’t recognizing. So she finally grabbed my hand and put it on the back of her BIB and I realized she had been telling me bib the whole time. I just can’t believe how advanced her thought processes have become. That and her parroting ability. Not a day goes by without at least 5 or more new words being repeated to us.

Simply amazing. But, I know I’m biased.

Friday, December 04, 2009


After a 13 hour drive spread over two days, we arrived in Santa Rosa, tired, but ready for our Thanksgiving dinner!

Little S had a great time seeing cousin S and playing with all his toys and his bike


Which fits cousin S a little better. IMG_1399

The food was delicious and the table picture perfect 


Little S tried some of the delicious meal, to no avail. Fortunately Grampie got her to eat a few bites


For after dinner fun, Little S showed off her monkey side in the tree  IMG_1411


The next morning, we had a family trip to the park. IMG_1421 IMG_1422


Little S was in a belly mood



Then, we went on a hike later in the day.

Dads and the Little S’


The hiking party


The Korpi clan


Happy hiker


We capped it off by letting Little S hike on her own for the first. time. She LOVED it!


Especially with her cousin


Near the parking lot there was a field of straw that big cousin S delighted in piling on Little S’ head



She was surprisingly tolerant


They had tea parties together IMG_1464

We read a book with our new friend Theo IMG_1469

Conserved water by sharing the bathtub IMG_1483

And, had time for some piano with a side of PBR & sugar IMG_1498

Thanks for the wonderful visit and super fun cousin time. Can’t wait until the cousins can see each other again. Bye-bye! IMG_1503