Saturday, November 15, 2008

baby vs. lampshade dog

These photos couldn't capture it as I watched it unfold, the camera couldn't keep up. So here's the recounting.

1. Talking to a co-worker with squirmy baby on lap.

2. Put baby on floor to make sure she didn't discover how to crawl suddenly.

3. Baby flips back over to back. Dog sees opportunity to check for any stray food particles*


resulting in:

4. Baby joining dog in "Get Smart" style "Cone of Silence"


You can't really get the full effect of the hilarity of the plastic thing enveloping the baby's head. But, you got a post, a story and some pictures out of the deal. Not satisfied?

Here's a bonus baby photo


You can't really see it, so trust me on this. It's got a big Chewbacca head on it and says "Change me... I smell like a Wookie." And Wookie lovers, don't tell ME they don't smell. Send your angry letters to Aunt A. She got us the onesie.

*Yes, the dog licks the baby. So what. I watched the neighbor kid eat his lawn, where I know their dog sometimes goes, and after about 5 minutes, spit out a rock he'd been chewing on. He's still alive. This is all part of our plan to make sure she never has allergies. Yeah, that's right, click the link. Journal of American Medical Association, only 15% allergies by age 2 compared to those without a herd of furry creatures. So put that in your judgmental pipe and smoke it.

(my, my, my somebody's a little feisty today. Good thing she finally has a day off tomorrow. Even though she'll probably be thinking about work still)

(Are you still up blogging? Spare the people and sign off already)


Zozopdx said...

as long as Anneke isn't playing in the litter box or eating something that will poison her or cause her to choke I'm pretty chill about what she puts in her mouth!

heather said...

There are definitely some people in the world not as relaxed as us!