Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Stop the merry-go-round!

I realized that the best way to describe my life right now is like one of those merry-go-rounds on the playground. Someone has got it spinning really fast, and you're holding on tight so you don't go flying off. The only way off before you hurl is to wait for it to slow down a little and then you can jump off. I'm really looking forward to four days of a slower merry-go-round so I can explore the REST of the playground. Because come Monday, the grown-ups are spinning it around again. And you know how much faster they can make it go.

Here's all the fun I've missed while I was working too long.

Dad and Daughter enjoying a dry fall day in the new backpack Dad got for Little S

IMG_3092 IMG_3093

And, after the unsuccessful high chair trip on Sunday, Super Dad got it today and put it together and everything. It was road tested tonight


I missed the actual first meal in it because I was out for a slow jog while dragging the dog behind me. But, at least I got out!!! And you got to see some more photos.

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