Friday, May 29, 2009

Catapulted into summer

I know I’ve been a little repetitive in the fact that we are having unseasonably nice weather. It just cements in my mind that when Little S was born, the earth shifted on it’s axis.

Case in point-a week after her birth, the rainy and cool spring weather gave way to crazy 95 degree heat! Then, her whole first summer, it barely got up to 90 most days, and stayed cooler and rainier than normal (which I loved). We had more thunderstorms than normal the summer she was born, her first winter was marked with lots of snow that stuck around; again, not typical for Portland. Now, to mark her first year on this earth, spring completely got lost in the mix and we’ve plunged headlong into summer with 80 degree days and endless sunshine. Normal for this time of year? Cloudy, rainy and maybe 70 degrees on a good day. That’s pretty much the weather until the 4th of July. THEN, it gets like this.

Which, is a very long explanation of why I haven’t been sitting at a computer. The garden has been calling, and I’m actually having to water the delicate little plant starts every night. I don’t normally haul out the hose until late July. I’m dreading our next water bill already!  The upside is that I actually have a lot of things planted in a timely manner. Don’t quite have all the tomatoes and peppers in the ground yet, but, the weather is giving me a sense of urgency to get on it!

Here’s what we’ve been up to in these parts when we aren’t gardening:

Little S and I paired up with friend Deb and her daughter, Little E for a 30 mile bike ride! Fortunately, Deb has a bike trailer and is a strong cyclist, so we put both girls in the trailer and away we rode. My first real ride in almost two years. The bumping of the trailer provided a good rhythm for a nap. Little S slumped to the side with her head on Little E’s lap, Little E folded over top of Little S. You’ll have to take my word for how cute it was; neither Deb or I had a camera.

However, we’re starting Little S off learning about bike safety, and she got her very first bike helmet for our ride. Here she is getting used to her helmet and practicing tricycle safety IMG_0631

And-learning to leave her helmet on



We followed that fun adventure with a visit from Grammie and Grampie K. While they were here for Memorial Day, we went to the Multnomah County Fair. Little S met some real live animals. IMG_0639


The music pavilion featured a Mexican band, and from the first strains of the music, Little S started dancing! We stopped and listened to a few songs, and she just wiggled with glee. We’ve started listening to a Spanish radio station at home so she can find more fun music to bop to. After all that dancing and exploring on a warm day, we topped it off with a shared ice cream cone from the Oregon Dairy Women. IMG_0646

Little S loves ice cream as much as her mom does!

The fun just kept on coming with a visit to the Children’s Museum. It was much more fun than her first visit a few months ago. She’s just growing and developing so fast that a few months made a huge difference in her ability to interact with the exhibits.

She loved the little tidepool and splashing in it IMG_0649

Her and a new friend were being quite the percussionists IMG_0656

She spent lots of time climbing up and sliding down with her new playmates


She spent an hour and a half just playing and interacting with other kids her size. She had such a great time, we know that we will definitely be going back there again. Somebody slept REALLY well that night!

Today, I was working and I heard a rustle and looked up to see this IMG_0666


(look closely-not at the cat)





Followed in short order by this IMG_0667

After I finished laughing, I realized how tall she is getting to be in order to see over the dining room table when she stands up. She also spent most of the day on her feet, and is really enjoying when we help her walk by holding her hands. Her little doe-legs are still too wobbly to support her weight unaided, but, I’m afraid the end is near. I better go buy a new pair of running shoes to keep up with her.


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cousins in Seattle

We went for a quick trip to Seattle to see Little S’s cousin and his family who were there for a couple of days. Little S and her cousin were on opposite nap schedules, so we started with an aquarium visit while he slept.

Little S tried on a few extra arms IMG_0608

And then, the cousins saw each other for the first time in 6 months


We all went out to dinner together. With two small children, it’s an interesting time. The restaurant was very slow though, so we weren’t menacing anyone.


They got along so fabulously. We wish there weren’t so many miles separating them so we could have more scenes like this:


12 months

It’s been such great weather around here, we’ve been too busy enjoying the sun to sit down for long. Here’s the 12 month photo and a look back at the previous twelve months.

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Monday, May 11, 2009

one year old

It’s been a whirlwind in these parts the last few weeks. Ending with Mommy getting a nasty cold for Mother’s Day. Here’s the photo recollection of the vaunted birthday girl.

(it’s 40+ pictures. May take some time to download. After the first slide, a forward, back and pause button appear so you can look through them quickly)

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY! It’s been an amazing first year.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

And so it began

One year ago this afternoon, I was mighty pissed.
We went to the Doctor on a Monday afternoon. I knew I had been bad all weekend and not done good job of keeping on bedrest. Well, it caught up with me-or maybe it was just time. My blood pressure had gone high enough and I was at 39 weeks, so the doctor told me she was inducing me this week. THAT was not in my plans. Then, to make matters worse, she couldn't get me a bed in the hospital any other day than that same night! WTF?! The labor room takes a one year reservation now to get in to have a baby? Baby Boom anyone? I was so mad. I still had things to wrap up at work. I wasn't planning to have a baby until NEXT week. I had no reason to think that timeline would be sped up. I was so livid. The poor doctor. I hope she knows I wasn't mad at her.
I guess I didn't really feel like I had a choice. I didn't figure Steve would let me chain myself to the bed and not go to the hospital until I was in labor. And, I wasn't that irrational. I knew high blood pressure could lead to some really bad stuff. So, after crying to my mother about how mad I was, and her being the voice of reason, as always, I realized I needed to begrudgingly accept my fate.
So, I packed my bags and got the teensiest bit excited to have a few days off, lying around watching TV and eating food someone else cooked. Oh, and to figure out what this baby would be.
Had I known how amazing this little being was going to turn out to be, I would have rushed to the hospital, eager to meet her even sooner!
So, at 8:00 that evening, they started the drugs as I laid in bed watching House. I sent Steve home to walk the dog and so we could both enjoy the last good night of sleep we would get for many years.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Pre-Birthday weekend

As always, we pack a lot into the two short days that Mom has with her almost one year old.

We had a few hours off Friday afternoon, and it was another stellar spring day. So we put on her short-shorts (just Little S, I didn’t want to punish the neighbors by the sight of me in short-shorts) and headed to the park. Where we picked the flowers

 IMG_0495  and in a remarkable testament to her getting ever more mature, she didn’t try and eat them-but rather offered them to any passer-by’s IMG_0496

Saturday didn’t start off as expected thanks to a tired baby, awakened after too-short of a nap by the barking of a certain <ahem> dog. But, we still made it down to the opening of the Farmers Market IMG_0497

Turns out, balloons and the strings they’re attached to are REALLY FUN!

The afternoon got appreciably more exciting with a sudden thunderstorm that no one saw coming. High winds, a blinding downpour, thunder, lightning, hail. BAM!  Not even 15 minutes and it blew through. It was pretty spectacular for someone who so misses thunderstorms. We caught all that excitement on the way to a Kentucky Derby party at our friends Brad and Sara's.

Little S charmed the boys, who helped entertain her with ice cubes while Mommy drank Mint Juleps!


She tried on her first Derby hat. IMG_0502

I know that because the hat said “Derby” on it.

She also learned yet another new trick. Unlike the war whooping that Dad taught her, or the high-five that Mommy taught her, this one was self-taught and inevitable. The ability to climb DOWN stairs. IMG_0503

Previously, her only direction was up and she had no desire to even try to go down them. Now, it’s a whole new game.

It does make it easier when she curls up in her favorite chair with a book on a Sunday afternoon.

. IMG_0505

She doesn’t get stuck anymore.

A final photo. She was maneuvering herself around the ladder and I thought for sure she would get stuck. In the time it took to grab the camera off the counter to photograph her determination to get around the ladder at any cost, this is what I turned around to see IMG_0506

“What, me worry?”