Saturday, October 25, 2008

...and we're back

Dell came through. Sent a new hard drive lickety-split, and it was so easy to install, even little S could have done it. Okay, not quite, but the point is it's fixed.

So, where were we?

Got an upgraded splint-thingy for the broken finger. It's vaguely bionic looking

IMG_2943 IMG_2945

We hosted a wedding celebration for Jamie and Nicole who tied the knot in Vegas IMG_2949

Little S wanted to toast them also, we thought it would help her sleep well IMG_2964

Little S is starting to love the cats, IMG_2967 which generally means grabbing fistfuls of their fur. They've been very tolerant of this.

Dad & daughter get to hang out 3 days a week, IMG_2970 he outfitted her to show the onesie to my sis & step-dad, Bob.

He also took her to the pumpkin patch. He took lots of photos so I put them in a little slideshow. It will open up a new window, and sorry about the wonky html code at the bottom of it

Click to play first pumpkin patchCreate your own slideshow - Powered by SmileboxMake a Smilebox slideshow" target="_blank">Make a Smilebox slideshow' target=_blank>First pumpkin patch visit

And Mommy got a smaller splint thingy

IMG_2986 IMG_2987

Which makes it much easier to push the stroller with that hand and run with the leash in the other and not worry about the dog chasing a squirrel toppling us over.

Halloween party today and tomorrow. Photos to be posted soon.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Miss us?

Well, it's not a virus, but, the computer bit the dust. Yes-already. Thanks to the wonders of the internet and the Dell Live chat (instead of being on hold for like six straight days), I learned that the error codes in the diagnostics I ran (because I am oh-so-tech savvy) mean that the hard drive is toast. Awesome-no? Awesome is that they are sending me a new one, "factory installed" so all drivers and stuff are on there. I just have to (gulp) install it myself!
I'm sure I can figure it out-or they wouldn't just send those out with a link to the website on how to install it right? right?
So, my hard drive will arrive in 2-3 days. Hopefully we can get some new pictures of the very adorable Little S up then and resume boring you with the minutiae that is my life.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

5 months

I've really been slacking on posts the last few weeks. For all the family members starved for baby photos and updates-sorry! This 5 full days work week cuts into ALL free time.  But, at least I have a job and a normal mortgage that didn't increase the interest rate 9 zillion percent or a house that fell in value 8 zillion percent (yet), and an adorable, happy baby and amazing husband/baby-daddy, so I really can't complain. Not even about this


Which I am on my way to the orthopedist for to say what he says about it.  It really does make diapering a wiggly baby butt rather challenging.

Here's the family at 5 months


And a couple of other cute baby photos for good measure