Sunday, November 02, 2008

The cutest Halloween picture ever.

Last weekend we went to the Moreland Monster March, which is an absolutely adorable kids Halloween parade. Grandma W. made Little S the cutest costume


Her stroller looked like cheese and she was the wee little mouse inside. Big S caught the most perfect photo. She's so cute I just melt at this photo. (I am a little biased). It's now my screensaver at work so I can see her all day even when I'm away.

Grandma also made this cute little romper that while it wasn't intended for a costume, worked pretty well on another day.IMG_2991

Thank goodness Grandma can sew and looks forward to many years of Halloween costume creating.

Having already figured out Halloween, she quickly makes a dive for the leftover candy last night.

 IMG_3003 IMG_3005

Guess where she got that sweet tooth? I do prefer mine unwrapped though.

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