Saturday, October 16, 2010


Little S is old enough that we now have some established traditions. Ones that I imagine we’ll keep for many years to come, all the while adding new ones.

This is Little S’ second year of picking huckleberries. While the weather was drier, the forest was still pretty wet, which put a damper on the fun for her. So, we traded off running around with Little S and Furry S. Unfortunately, that means the only two photos we have are of blurry S’ IMG_2458

and of our haul at the end.


Not as many as last year, but with a fully mobile toddler, this was as good as it got. Because she is getting so big, this was her first really big trip diaper free. And, when you’re in the woods, well, sometimes you have to do what a bear does. Ever since then, she’s pretty into the idea of going potty outside.

A tradition now in it’s third year is a visit to the pumpkin patch. With Big S.IMG_2577

Including a ride in the wagon with the pumpkins. Although she takes up much more wagon than she did last year IMG_2579

This year she can even find her own and add them to the wagon IMG_2581

“Heck, riding in the wagon is for babies, watch this” IMG_2590

In a long standing tradition for Mom and her friends, Little S has been present for two years now in our hike & apple festival day. This year was a complete 180 from last year, dry and sunny, but just as much fun. Her first real hike on her own two feet (well, at least for about 30 minutes total of the whole hike, some of it still involved a ride in the backpack, both for safety reasons and for some whining) IMG_2608

She looks like a hiking pro!

Beautiful views at the top


And, the requisite ice cream at the apple festival. A teeny bit less messy than last year


And we only took home about 20 pounds of apples this year, but a wider variety of them. Spitzenberg, winesaps, galas, golden delicious, and some stark crimson pears. Life is good in the Northwest.

And in case you were wondering how big she’s getting?


Looks like about 3 feet. I think we have a new tradition in the making.