Monday, March 31, 2008

six weeks and counting

What a weekend!
Friday night we were thrown a most awesome baby shower at Megan's house. With Jacki's skillful planning, the running friends had cooperated to get us the jogging stroller of our dreams! The Bob Revolution. It nearly puts me in tears thinking about how kind and generous they are, and the fact that this means that maybe they will want to run with me even after the newest addition!!

Saturday morning involved another day at the Mountain for work. There are worse places I could have been-especially with all of the late season powder!
I actually got a chance to enjoy it again this week. It was so nice, I took 6 runs! If I weren't skiing along, and it weren't getting so late and my damn snowboard bindings are now SO FAR away from my arms, I probablywould have taken more.
I'm pretty pleased to still be snowboarding so happily at 34 weeks, so I'm not complaining about somebody's head being right in my gut making me mildly nauesous when I bend over.

Topped all that off with a birthday party for Drew and Sara. Got to see so many friends and new little Anneke was out for a night on the town too! It made me happy to know there is life after baby having.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A lot of excitement for a Monday

First-doctor's appointment. Measuring fine, weight up a little more than I wanted, but I'm starting to get puffy, so that may have something to do with it.
Brady Moss' head is down! No more worrying about breech presentation. I mean, I know they can still move around, but generally if they're down now, they'll stay down. (fingers crossed)
Even better, the Doc was having me feel where the head was, and the leg and the back. I'll be honest, I didn't notice anything (except all that pushing on the head hurt the muscles around it!) So, she gave up on me and had Steve feel the head. He could actually feel it! He was so excited, it was very cool. I'm glad one of us has sensitive hands. I think he described it as feeling like a baseball (maybe that's because the Sox season opener was today....)

Then, our first birthing class. Nothing too exciting for the mom to be, except marvelling at how different everyone looks, even people that are about the same amount pregnant. After getting on poor Steve about reading the book instead of watching the video, I find out later it's because the video was a little graphic for him. Sorry baby-daddy. I'll cut him some slack next time. Most other mom's I've talked to said their husband had a rough go of it too. Maybe it will help to know he's not alone. We did learn labor massage techniques and I definitely give him an A+ on back rubbing!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Pregnant? Not a problem

Had to be at the Mountain by 7:30 a.m. on Saturday for Girl Scout Ski Day.
Gorgeous, sunny, yet still cold enough to keep the snow in good shape.
After spending most of the morning reading and waiting for troops to check in, took a little nap in the toasty car, then got bundled up. Headed up to Mt. Hood Express that had almost no line. Skated over to the top of the runs by the Ski Patrol shack. Whew. That was exhausting. And did I mention how far away my feet were now? Thank goodness for the benches up there to sit and strap on my board. Took an easy run down Ridge Run. It felt good! Took another down the other side. Took a potty break. Wrestled with either just going home, or maybe one more run, or maybe another pair of runs. Got on the lift again. Decided another pair of runs would be nice, since I was there.
4 nice blue/green runs 33 weeks pregnant. If I had an assistant to help get my board on, it would have been better. I decided all that hip rocking involved in snowboarding was a good thing! Just like yoga classes. The only problem was that my ankles, feet and calves were screaming much more than they would have otherwise.
Seriously? if that's the only complaint I have-I know I'm lucky. I just wanted to tell someone that I went snowboarding this weekend. And probably will again next weekend too!
I hope Brady Moss enjoyed it!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Like I'm going to let pregnancy slow me down!

Nope. Hit the 30th annual Shamrock run for a 5K with Stephanie. This was MOSTLY a walk, but, we did jog 3 times, and were no where near last! Under 45 minutes even. We were SPEED walking!
A little uncomfortable from time to time, but the porta-potty stop at 2 miles helped a lot!!!
Trying to be like our grandparents and not letting pregnancy slow me down much!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Looking the part

31 w, 6 days
It finally happened. I put it off as long as I could, but today-we are in full on maternity wear. There may have been one or two other days that I ened up in maternity tops and bottoms, but today-it looks the part. The top? It's a hand-me-down blouse. It's got the little tie at the back to expand it as needed AND-it's got a flower print. It seems to be a theme for maternity things. Especially hand-me-downs. Why? Is it because flowers signify life and growth and all of those other things pregnancy is supposed to be about? Or-because it makes for a nice, busy print that can help hide the belly? That seems ridiculous-most other pregnant ladies are proud of their bellies. I'm only finally getting it through my head that I'm not just getting fat-I'm pregnant. I jsut don't look pg-I mostly look fat. Oh well. I'm sure THAT will be changing in the next few weeks.

Reappropriating this blog

So, it was supposed to be a wedding day blog-where you could find out where to stay, where we were registered, driving directions-maybe some other fun stuff. That never happened.
So, two years have passed, and this blog sits languishing. But, it turns out there is another big day on the horizon. More life changing than the first even. So, this will now be the baby blog.