Tuesday, March 31, 2009

For Aunt Aimee

As usual, I still don’t have your birthday present yet.  You can expect it in maybe June, right on my normal timeline. Little S is more prompt than I.


She needed a little help


Which only worked for long enough to hit the camera shutter before this was all that was left


with a side of blackberries.

Hope it was a good one!


Your big sister and your niece. And probably her Dad too.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Little S’s pincer grasp has evolved, along with her love of new foods and feeding herself. The results mean we need a whole lot more Oxi-clean.



Blueberries. or possibly her first attempt at putting on make-up


Everyday her little food repertoire increases. And her ability to cram a lot in her mouth. This morning, I took a bite of a donut hole and she leaned towards it. I gave her what I thought would be a bite. She managed to cram the rest of it (less than half of the (w)hole) into her mouth without choking or spitting it out. If it’s sweet, she’ll eat it. Just like Mom.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Babies don’t care how many books you read. Also, it was a good day.

I’ve decided this entire post is pretty horribly written, but I am too tired to re-write it, so if you’re an English major, or good editor, this might be excruciating to read. Put your red pen away.

You think by now I would have learned that babies don’t really care what “SHOULD” happen, according to “the books.” They’re going to do whatever they want, when they want. Turns out reading a bunch of books, like six, on a topic like say, sleep, won’t magically make the baby sleep better. What a learning curve. With so much in life previous to baby, if I read enough I could usually figure out the right answer or how to do something new. My left brain refuses to accept that it ain’t gonna work that way with Little S. My tired brain can’t remember that this isn’t forever, and it could always be worse. I hope that when I re-read this in five years, I can barely remember the daily battles for naps and bed. I fear that instead, I’ll think getting her to bed as a baby was easy compared to her five year old self.


Today was an exciting change of pace. While I didn’t want it to start at 4:45 this morning, it was going to be an early start anyway. What’s an extra hour and a half early? It did ensure that we got to the Mountain early for a good parking spot. Also, that Little S would sleep the whole way there plus a few minutes.

Today was the day I organized a yearly group ski for work. Last year, I was up and boarding 34 weeks pregnant with the then unknown gender “Brady Moss”. (And I wonder why she needs so much motion to go to sleep!)  It’s pretty neat to think back to last year and now get to take her up to the Mountain with me as a small human.

I decided to splurge a little and utilize the Day Care at the Mountain for two hours so I could get some runs in. I’m VERY glad I did. I forget how much I really love snowboarding. Never mind that it’s really windy, there’s no visibility and the snow is soaking our clothes; I had so much fun! Sadly, I only got three runs in by the time I got changed and dealt with more work stuff. Those three were fantastic! Hopefully Big S and I can find another day to get up there together and utilize their great Day Care. Little S did great in Day Care, and got decent naps in the car on the way up and down. She was such a trooper being hauled around all morning by me. I had hoped to get some pictures of her playing in the snow, but it was NOT fun to even go to the car with it so snowy and windy.


(note sideways blowing snow and general dark, stormy day. Also note close parking spot-back of the first row of general parking)




Instead, I took a picture when she was happily in the car 


I think she’s actually thankful to be out of the elements.

Oh, and she is now a season pass holder at Mt. Hood Meadows. Never too young! I know as soon as she can walk, Dad will be sizing her for her first pair of skis. Look for that post next year.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

good citizen or bad luck?

Life has been vaguely out-of-the-ordinary interesting lately. First, thwarting an attempted bike thief. Then, becoming a temporary home for a wayward ferret. 

Now, on Monday night, one month exactly after seeing the bike theft in progress at the end of my run, we were running the same course and I’m almost back at Niketown. Waiting at a red light to cross and a honk followed by SMASH! and I see a car get hit, spun around and thrown up on to the curb. As I’m worried if everyone is all right, mentally piecing together what I just saw and trying to cross the street as drivers are a little unsure of how to proceed, I see the driver of the car that was hit get out and storm towards the hitter (hittee?), looking for all the world like she’s going to deck him. The guy in the car in the next lane from the hit car is stopped with his hazards on, traffic is kind of stopped, it’s pretty chaotic. I assess and decide traffic will have to figure itself out (I frequently find myself directing traffic around accidents for some reason. I like to think it’s all the years of being in charge at events that has me ready to take charge while others are in a daze or going about their business. Maybe I’m just foolhardy or secretly longing to be a cop or traffic flagger. But, I digress)

Go over, driver of hit car is not injured, and is no longer going to punch anyone. Very mild-mannered Prius driver who caused the accident comes over, looking a little unsure of what just happened.  Another witness and those involved keep commenting that the driver in front of the Prius ran a VERY red light, and they’re sure Prius guy was just following the driver in front of him. No one wants poor Prius guy to be at fault, but, he knows he is. Calls are made, I give them my information as a good citizen witness and continue the last four blocks of my run in the rain.

As if that weren’t enough, on my morning run today, we were running late and it was going to have to be short. But, just a few blocks in, there’s a black dog running loose, one block from where Big S found the ferret. The dog wants nothing to do with us, so I keep going, thinking maybe I can be on time this morning. Then, guilt gets the best of me, thinking if it were furry S running loose, I would hope someone would try to return her. So, we turn around. I tie up my snarling beast and take some treats over to this friendly, but timid dog. No collar. Darn. I can’t take it with me with only one leash, so I head for home. Stop at one house where there is a similar dog, usually off leash. Not theirs. Get home, grab a spare leash and some treats, get in the car and try and find it. After 10 minutes of driving the streets, decide it found home again. At least I know I had done what I could.

As I was reviewing all of my acts of being a good citizen of late (trying not to break my elbow patting myself on the back), a thought crossed my mind. Maybe it’s not that I’m a helpful citizen, but rather a bad-luck omen, causing these things to happen. I sure hope not, but if you suddenly start avoiding me, I’ll understand why.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sometimes, there’s not enough hours in the day

We’ve discovered a redneck shortcut though. Wash the dishes and the baby at the same time

IMG_0304 IMG_0307

We’re already got a potty training plan


As soon as we can get her to use the dog door.

We’re also saving time by skipping baths and just taking her for a walk in the liquid Oregon sunshine. Rainwater is supposed to be great for your hair. Right?

I think we’ve got the whole baby/time management thing down quite well. Any other shortcuts you can recommend?

Friday, March 13, 2009

It was a beautiful day in the Neighborhood

Not that we got to enjoy much of it because between work and fighting naps, that was pretty much our day. But we made it to the park and got a glimpse of summer with kids everywhere. It was nice enough to open up the house a bit as I made dinner. So where did Little S gravitate towards?


The open door. My theory is that I just need to grow her a little more and when she can run around the park all day, she’ll be too exhausted not to nap. Or, so exhausted she fights it even more. Great.

So the cutest baby ever IMG_0298has a different day care arrangement starting next week. It will be her and a 2 year old boy. That ought to toughen her up! We’re giving it a trial run next week and hoping it works out. Cross your fingers for us.

(follow-up from previous post) I did talk to the Day Care Provider (DCP) to get more info. It’s more than the naps. It’s that Little S has separation anxiety so much that she refuses to be put down and grasps and clings to DCP all day-literally needing to be pried off. DCP is advanced in her years, so I see why it would be hard. She really thinks Little S would do better where there were other kids to interact with. I do agree with that-she gets no other kid interaction right now. Big S and I are trying to figure out a playgroup or something for her.  It’s not nearly as easy as it should be to find one that works.

DCP did say she was willing to be a backup if the regular sitter was sick,etc. It’s not that she didn’t like Little S, it just maybe wasn’t the best fit. The neighbor who takes her son there and I talked today. She commented that it never seemed like Little S bonded with DCP.  Neighbor said that one of the other kids in the neighborhood didn’t really either. Such is the fickleness of human nature. It is a little stressful that maybe we’ve set her up for failure in Day Care by being with her so much, but she seems so happy with us, it’s hard to imagine this one not being the apple of everyone’s eye!


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Kicked out of Day Care!

Can you believe anyone would do that to this face?


Kicked out might be a bit of an overstatement, but when I picked her up today, our provider said “I don’t think I can watch Little S anymore, my husband says it’s too stressful.” She said that trying to watch her and the 18 month old is just too hard because Little S takes so much time that she gets stressed not watching the 18 month old. 

Mind you, Little S is only there one day a week, and the 18 month old is only there in the mornings 1-2 times a month on the same day. He wasn’t even there today or the last time she was there. so, I think there’s more to the story than she’s letting on. Once I’m sure Little S is zonked out for the night, I intend to call Day Care Lady and ask her to be honest about what it is-otherwise how can I hope to find a situation that will work if I don’t know what the problems are.

I suspect it’s sleep related. Little S and sleep aren’t good friends. She would only nap in the Day Care lady’s arms, and not for very long. I’ve been reading all the sleep books to work on a plan. Just last night I thought maybe I would try some “Cry It Out” because she had been waking up in the middle of the night and taking 90 minutes to get back to sleep. Well, stubborn Little S cried for about 2.5 hours when she awoke until 12:30 when I decided I needed sleep. This isn’t even hard-core cry it out. She’s next to me with my arm around her and my face next to hers. I told the Day Care Provider about it as I left and she commented that “yes, Little S was the most strong-willed child she had ever known in her years of watching kids.” I think there was also some mention of how we would have our hands full, but I was too much in a mental tizzy trying to remain calm to really listen.

Everyone who is upset for me is upset that she pulled the rug from underneath us with no notice. (She did say she could watch her next week, but I will try to avoid that if possible) Especially since just a few months ago she asked if we would consider more days because her husband was getting some hours cut. I’m upset because I don’t think she’s being honest. I’m looking at it like a performance review and if we don’t know what to work on, how can we succeed. (Mom needs some more work-life balance maybe)

Except for the ordeal of having to find someone new, and the abruptness of it all, I think Big S and I are kind of okay with it. She was convenient, but she was just a sitter. Not someone who we ever clicked with at a deeper level. Maybe that was the problem too. She has a close relationship with the other mother down the street. I didn’t know that being a BFF was a requirement for Day Care.

Onwards to tap into several options that I’ve already thought of. If nothing else, I know this economy has more people than ever looking for jobs, so something ought to work out. I’m optimistic it will be even better for her than this was. I’m just a friggin’ Pollyanna that way sometimes. Which I guess will be handy with a stubborn child.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

10 months

We’ve made it this far somehow!

The pic isn’t the greatest, but we were on our way to a wedding, and running later-per usual. No time for many photos and picking only the best. If you just focus on how cute she is, that part of the photo is great!


At least we have our Sunday best on.  This was Sofia’s third wedding of her short life. She’ll be a wedding expert by the time she’s three at this rate. She charmed all the guests and we discovered she likes graham crackers. Stuffing them in her mouth just before she made noise during the ceremony was most opportune. And more filling than chewing on the wedding program. We also learned she likes grapes, biscuits, cheddar but not swiss cheese and likes to suck on, but not eat, watermelon. It was a baby smorgasbord.

One of the photographers was pregnant and thusly enthralled with the baby. She took quite a few shots of Little S, so hopefully those will turn out and we can get some copies of those to share.


Monday, March 09, 2009

Adventures in ferretsitting

Because our house doesn’t harbor enough chaos, the gods decided that Big S would be the lucky finder of a wayward ferret.

On his walk to drop little S off at the sitter, he sees something white running around, sniffing things and calls it for what it is, a ferret. After tying the dog up. he goes to it on a porch and it happily comes over to sniff him. He picks up the wet little critter, puts it in his pocket and continues on. Ferret seems relieved and falls asleep. Dog is blissfully oblivious.




Cute little gal-no?




Upon return home, he puts it in a cat carrier with food and water and towel-y type things and it goes on the van to work for the day. Wheels are put in motion to find it’s rightful owner, and former ferret parents Jim and Lisa are consulted.

Never wanting Little S to miss new adventures, and after deeming Betty the ferret to be quite a little sweetie, I introduce the two. I’m not sure who was more curious about the other


Deciding that we just don’t have the capacity to deal with trying to keep yet another life form alive at this point, we shuttle it off to foster car at Jim and Lisa’s. Who are delighted to have such a little sweetheart to enjoy for a while.

After a false lead to a possible owner, Big S finally gets a chance to make some signs and thanks to Daylight Savings Time-posts them in the area where he found Betty the ferret. He decides to try to see if the people at the house where it ran to knew anything about any missing ferrets.

Sure enough, they had realized in Saturday that they were missing one. (I guess they have five) and that it may have been missing for a few days. The foster parents are called in and Hazel the ferret is returned to her proper name and proper home, much to the delight of a youngster living there, and what seemed like slight disappointment from her father. Turns out it wasn’t her first adventure, but “she usually comes back.”

So, while it was cute and very entertaining, it’s a relief to not have to protect what amounts to a weasel/rat from a dog, two cats,a baby and the constant threat of escape. Although I’m sure more crazy pets will make their way into our house at some point. Just not this week.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Happy Birthday Anneke!

Happy first birthday to our friend Anneke. We’re sorry we have to miss the festivities. Little S will make you a birthday cake someday and she hopes to see you soon!

Friday, March 06, 2009


Very Important Baby

Thanks to a couple of friends who work at the Children's Museum, we were on the guest list for the opening night premiere of the revamped “Baby’s Garden” on Thursday night.

I was a little nervous because little miss crankypants has been less than a joy the last few days. Not sleeping well, not eating well, slight fever. The good news is that it all seems to be from 2 more teeth coming in, so she wasn’t sick and could go out. So after dinner we set out for the museum.

We ended up having it almost to ourselves since we got there so late (for babies). She was wonderful, smiley happy self, very content to chew on everything she could in the exhibit. The pictures aren’t the best, but you can see one of the flowers that she was content to stand at and chew on for a good amount of time.


It’s a great little room, and the museum will be a great place for her to explore for many years with their different exhibits that encourage imagination and discovery for a variety of ages. I’m sure we’ll be frequent visitors in the coming years. If you have kids and are in the area, it’s worth checking out. The first Friday night of every month is free admission. That’s a very good price.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Running Slow Prevents Bike Thefts*

*actual results may vary

A couple of weeks ago, I realized that my daily dog and baby jogs just weren’t cutting it anymore. I actually was wanting a longer run. (i can’t believe those words just flowed from these fingertips). I also made the mistake of saying out loud that I was going to run the Shamrock run, my first race in a year, and the last race I did pregnant. That will mean a 5K without stopping. The morning runs are leisurely, a stop for a dog sniff, slow down to put the stroller down a curb and then up another, etc. I needed to train in a more realistic race environment. (who the heck is writing this?)

So, I made arrangements with Big S that I could go back to my running club on Monday nights for a quick 5K run while he was on extra long baby duty. (Is he the greatest Dad and husband ever or what?)

So last week, I made it to Niketown for the group run. I planned on 3 miles. I met a gal built like me who was new and offered to run with her to show her the route. She was hurting a LOT so we walked a good part of the way until I got her down to the out and back. Then I really wanted to RUN! So, I did. I ran. I figured another mile or two and then meet up with her, but it felt good. It felt GREAT! So I ran to the 5 mile turnaround and all the way back. So, maybe 4 miles total running. I was pretty much the last person back, but oh well.

Right outside Niketown, there is a bike "staple” to lock bikes to. There were about three bikes there. The only reason I even noticed was that I saw a friend’s very identifiable BMX bike there, and I was glad because I wanted to say Hi to him. I notice a lady at the three bikes who was sort of fumbling around. I looked closer and saw that it was like she wanted to pretend to have a key for one, but didn’t. There are a lot of crazy people downtown, so I didn’t think too much of it. Went inside, milled around a little and on my way to get my keys, saw my friend and told him “I think someone may be trying to steal your bike” kind of offhandedly-not even sure his bike was there. He made some comment back, but decided to check it out. I left later and the bike was gone and he didn’t come back in, so I didn’t give it another thought.

This morning there was an email from the president of the running club who talked to bike guy yesterday and he wanted to know how to get a hold of me. Interesting, I thought. It was enough motivation to get me back to running club tonight, even though I had a ton of work to do and was still sore from epic adventuring on Sunday (that story tomorrow).

I run into bike guy and he tells me that sure enough, his bike was about to be stolen. He had gone outside and saw that someone had bolt cutters and was cutting his cable, so he took several steps back took a running leap at the person-jumping with both feet up to kick the person. Then, put the person in a headlock and dropped the suspect to the ground. At this point, bike thief’s lookout/accomplice gives her the bike he’s on to getaway. Bike guy chases her (he’s a SUPER fast runner) and catches her and tells a security guard to call the cops. I’m not sure of the exact details of what happened after that, but, bike guy found out that she pretty much steals bikes for a living. That she was one more cut away from having his cable cut and his bike stolen, and that his bike turned out to be worth a whole lot more than he thought (like, it might put it into felony range and not just misdemeanor range. right JS?)

So, he was VERY thankful to me and wanted to know if he could have my contact info in case they needed witnesses or something. And he upgraded to a U lock. So the whole turn of events put me in a GREAT mood for a run. Not to mention a clear, warm-ish day and a run along the waterfront. It all lead me to the best run in a long time. 5 miles, non-stop at something resembling a respectable (for me) pace.

And now, the reality of the last two days hits my muscles and I think it’s time for dinner and a soak. But what a great end to the day. I feel like a little bit of a hero and Shamrock-here I come.