Sunday, November 16, 2008

stuffy nose Sunday

We woke at 3:30 a.m. to a stuffy nosed little S. Which also meant she pretty much didn't sleep well from that point on. At 7:00, I gave up and started our day. Which kind of worked well because she was playing in her crib while I folded laundry (yep, that's right glamorous life I lead). I got to watch her work on her crawling skills. Mostly that meant pushing herself backwards, but she's starting to rock on all fours and after that got her nowhere, twice she just flung herself forward as much as she could. It was pretty funny to watch her throw her body forward trying to see if that would work.

She wasn't in much of a napping mood this morning, but fortunately Big S took her a while before he had to go to work so I could catch a 15 minute catnap.

We tried to do as little as possible and encourage any napping we could. And since Dad had to work, we curled up with a chick flick (SATC), which I actually watched half of while she napped. Now I can't wait to see if Miranda and Steve will get back together. But don't spoil it for me.

So, we wrapped up with some baby oatmeal, a warm bath and I now probably had better try for an early bedtime too because I'm sure tonight won't be any more restful than last night. For me. She's already in slumber land. shhhhhh.........

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