Saturday, August 30, 2008

My vote for co-sleeping

I hadn't really thought about co-sleeping one way or another before Little S was born, it just turned out that's what we did. It was easier to get Little S to sleep and back to sleep, easier to feed on demand, and since getting enough food in her is a concern it just made the most sense. Occasionally I feel like I screwed up by not keeping her sleeping in the cradle when she was little and would still do it.

I've read all the books and know what I would need to do to get her sleeping in her crib, but the biggest message was that the methods won't work unless you're ready to make the change. I realized I wasn't. At this point, it's not a big deal for me. She sleeps well, I sleep well, why worry.

Last night cemented in my mind that I was doing the right thing. Sometime around 3:00, I woke to what sounded like her gasping and choking! I was immediately able to roll her on to her side and then pick her up and get her over my shoulder to pat her back. She was able to cough out whatever it was and go back to sleep pretty quickly. My mind took a little longer to rev back down thinking about what if she'd been in the other could I live with myself...I know that she probably would have coughed a few times and been okay-hopefully. But, What If? I know that I have a lifetime of What If's and second guesses ahead of me.


Back to happy baby things.

I can see that baby clothing stores are going to be a problem. I went to one last week that's attached to a grown-up resale shop because Mommy needed some work clothes that would fit her squishy middle. We don't need any baby clothes, we have PLENTY for probably the first 6-9 months of he life, and I'm sure Christmas will restock her for the next year. But, I made the mistake of looking anyway. How could I not get this:

IMG_2783 IMG_2787

It's a swimsuit that says "My First Speedo". And with Olympic fever and Mommy ready to sign her up for swim lessons at the first opportunity, how could I resist. It is for 6-9 months, so hopefully it will last a while, but it's already pretty snug-as any good swimsuit should be.

We've been having a spate of "foot in mouth" disease lately, or maybe it's her yoga practice:



She's also getting pretty good at locomotion. She has spun herself 180 degrees in the crib and then back through wiggling. She also is rolling almost to her belly from her back.

She's had enough of Mommy blogging while she does her crib workout-time to wrap this up!


Zozopdx said...

I think it's so much about following your instincts! although Anneke is now in her crib and does fine there, when she was tiny she slept with us, and it definitely felt like the way to do things. the only reason she's exclusively in her crib is that we're lucky to have a good sleeper (so far). We did co-sleeping because it was practical and we're lazy. Good for you! There are so many "right" ways to do things. where is this mommy/baby resale shop? I have zero fall clothes and almost zero $$$.
Anneke only recently started the foot-grabbing thing!

heather said...

It's called Zanzibar and it's practically across the street from the Hollywood library. I can't say I loved it for grown-up clothes, and the baby clothes weren't all that cheap I discovered when we went to the outlet mall on Saturday. In fact, the Mommy clothes were sometimes cheaper at the outlet mall. It's hard for me to balance being environmentally friendly with my cheapskate side.