Sunday, August 03, 2008

It must be summer

Because our weekends are full of parties and BBQ's. Saturday was full of adventures; the library, the farmer's market, and little L's 2 yr. old b'day party!


(birthday boy and cousin E, mid-jump in the crib!)

The good thing about really little kid b'day parties is that they're really more about the grown-ups, hence the wheelbarrow full of beer! Yum! The kids still have a good time and run around playing with other kids, eating cake and watermelon, but they haven't quite figured out it's supposed to be all about the birthday kid. As long as everyone has fun, that's all that really matters! I think Sofia had fun:


At least Christi is! (you're a natural- you should really consider joining the ranks of the breeders!)


Sunday was another BBQ. This time at running friend Pete's house. Ostensibly, it was to celebrate everyone who had done the Blue Lake triathlon earlier in the day. This year, it was only 2 friends, who both did awesome! Not that long ago, we all would have done it. Lives change. I'm still trying to figure out what mine will look like with this new addition.


Malea and Sofia, both sporting purple. Sofia's been pretty happy despite some sort of stomach bug, poor thing. Hope for a quick recovery before we get more shots this week!

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