Tuesday, August 19, 2008

lines. A brief rant

Queues, lines, whatever you call them, are an important part of orderly society.
At some point, most of us are taught not to cut in line. Clearly, that lesson didn't make it to Mr. Bike Commuter in the dress shirt.
There was a red light. There were two bikes stopped back at the solid white line. Does Mr. BC become the third bike in line? Nope. I'm sure he sized up "guy on the Mt. bike" and "girl on the fancy looking road bike with tri-handlebars on it who happened on this day to be in street clothes with a backpack and Merrell clogs instead of clipless bike shoes" and figured we would just be in his way when the light turned green.
I totally could have taken you Mr. D-bag Bike Commuter, but, I was being too polite to pass the guy in front of me just to avenge you, considering I had to turn in a few blocks.
Next time though? Oh, it's on.

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