Monday, August 11, 2008

3 month picture-o-rama

Anyone who knows me knows that I generally am late for everything. All for good reason, usually just too many things packed in too short of time. That's why it won't really come as a surprise that I'm a little late getting the 3 month pictures of her taken, let alone posted here. Again, with a good excuse. Big S was out of town. He's back, so here they are.

The three month shot of the family.


I like this one better, but she was wiggling. Not a big surprise. Photos of her are hard to get with all her wiggling. (and our slow camera.)


She was so adorable and cuddly in this sleep sack on a cool summer night. (Note that cute does not equal sleeping well, but I had high hopes)


Big S took this. Moments earlier she had been splayed out like a guy watching football on the pillow.


Thinking of just what to write in somebody's birthday card...


Hmmm... Oh yes. This is witty enough. Her first ever artwork!


(I really need to take the time to work on thought balloons for some of these. Oh well. It's not about me being witty, it's about sharing pictures of the kid.)

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