Monday, September 01, 2008

First Hike

A very cool (temperature-wise) Labor Day seemed like the perfect day for a family hike. Just to Forest Park, but it was still exciting to be out again.

Because the most important thing on a hike is how you look in the woods, choosing the appropriate outdoor wear was key.


What, you've never worn pink from head to toe to go on a hike?  Your outdoor gear doesn't say "100 % Princess" and your hat doesn't have little hearts on it? You must be embarrassed to go in to the woods.



The views were what we take for granted that hopefully we'll learn to appreciate through new eyes as they take in her world. 



It technically was more of a "carry" than a "hike" for some members of the group.



Which later became a "nap" more than a "hike". (About the time Mom realized that somehow the hills had gotten steeper since she last hiked them while pregnant)



Little S filled her brain with new sights, sounds, and smells





Hi Mom!






And she got a close view of the trees from Daddy's shoulder.


So many hikes await the Princess S and we are so excited to share the outdoors world with her.

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Mind of MadMan said...

Head to toe in Pink!! That was classic, not homophobic, but I think that might be and issue for me.
Father of nine kids from 3 yro twins to 26 yr KID, appreciate the journey as you are.