Sunday, April 19, 2009

This post will have to hold you for a week

Tomorrow starts National Turnoff Week. Contrary to what it sounds like, it’s not a week to grow out your armpit hair, gain 25 pounds and walk around in curlers and a muu-muu, although that would be a big turnoff, trust me. It used to be TV turnoff week, but all the screen time kids (and adults) log is getting to be worse than TV alone. I know I’ve gotten really bad about logging lots of hours, basically doing nothing at night. So, I’m going cold turkey for a week. Wish me luck!

Here are a ton of pictures to hold you over until next week.

Last week, she exuberantly swung her head around to chew on the merry-go-round bar and Big S heard a noise and when she stopped chewing, saw white on the bar. Sure enough, she had chipped a front tooth. Not badly and it didn’t hurt her, but now she’s damaged goods. I’m not sure if that negates the money-back guarantee she came with..


All the stress of breaking a tooth evidently made her need a chaser for her Jim Beam.


She’s getting better and better at climbing. She can now climb up stairs, and back out of the dishwasher when she climbs in. She climbed into her little chair the other day. When I handed her a book, you could see a glimpse of the big girl she’ll soon be IMG_0451

It’s been absolutely gorgeous. 80 degrees today! We’ve packed a lot into the weekend including a hike yesterday, a food cart festival/tasting last night and lots of gardening. I realized gardening means a garden hat  IMG_0453

She drew the line at sunglasses though IMG_0454

This afternoon, we were slated to go on a bike ride with my friend Deb and her daughter E. Deb was going to tow both girls since we don’t have a trailer yet and because she’s a very strong cyclist, whereas I haven’t been on a bike in almost two years. She called me this morning because Little E got lice somehow, and was smart enough to know that if they missed even one and her head was in a trailer with Little S, Big S and I would be getting our first run at delousing and nitpicking. That’s a first I’m willing to wait a LONG time for!

Instead, we met up and went to a park by her house. Little E loves the swings too! She’ll be two in June, and has the greatest red hair!


Red headed almost two year olds don’t like to share their Mom with babies


But otherwise they had a great time. Little S is already an expert gardener. As she crawled through the field, every little flower(weed) she saw, she plucked and threw down. She had no desire to eat them, but knew that they MUST. DIE! It’s hard to believe this sweet little face would be capable of such rampant and intentional destruction IMG_0458 

We’re also getting closer to the end of life as we know it. She not only loves to push things around with her when she’s crawling, today, she kept getting up on her toes and hands. Maybe she was motivated by being barefoot, but she’s learning that knees don’t always have to be on the ground.


Here, she demonstrates some baby yoga “tripod” pose. Or possibly she’s spending too much time at the dog park. Hey, if that’s how she gets potty-trained, so be it!

When Big S watched her with two hands and two feet on the ground, he got a VERY concerned look on his face and said something to the effect of “this isn’t good”. While lots of parents can’t wait for their kid to walk, I was kind of holding out hope she’d wait a few years to start that. We’ll see how imminent it really is.

All that excitement and such a long weekend, leaves a girl tired. Here’s a rare moment captured on film to hold you over until next week.



Now go read a book!

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