Saturday, April 04, 2009

Spring sprung

Pretty much overnight we went from cold, rainy 50 degree highs to the kind of day Portlanders live for. Sunny, spring days.

It was so nice, I spent the day on a sandy beach, waves lapping at our feet with the sun beating down on our heads. The only thing missing were the fruity drinks! IMG_0362

Furry S after a refreshing swim. Mt. St. Helens in the background.





The dogs were the only ones swimming though. It is still only spring, so the humans were enjoying the 63 degree day a little more bundled up, as modeled by friends Sunny and Christi


Today’s adventure took us out to Sauvie Island.. It’s a BIG island that’s actually a whole community in the middle of the Columbia River. There are lots of great farms, you-pick places and pumpkin patches. Most of it is a wildlife refuge, and it’s a popular place for boating and fishing.

We did see some wildlife

(likely an osprey) IMG_0368


Beaver?  Nutria? No, just furry S coming in from fetching a stick. We discovered that besides sticks, she likes to chase the waves that lap the shore. ZOOOOOM-she runs full-tilt chasing the waves for maybe a hundred yards, then ZOOOOM back the other way. She hasn’t moved all night.

Also tired out by our excursion was a certain baby who decided she did NOT need to wear her hat. It just obstructed her view IMG_0373

And on a day like today, there were many wonderful, happy sunshiney things to be viewed! Who can blame her for wanting some sun instead of rain on her head!

This is such a great place to live and on these sunny days the whole town just seems to smile. After a wet winter, we appreciate the beautiful weather so much more.  It’s a great treat, but fleeting so we will enjoy the next few days while we can. Fruity drinks, here I come.

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