Sunday, April 26, 2009

I only cheated a little

So, I watched The Office on Thursday night. Whatever. That was pretty much my only transgression all week. And, the week off did the trick of resetting my nightly routine so it doesn’t include laying around for 3 hours doing nothing. Nope. Now, it includes sitting at the kitchen table for three hours making my husband feed me. How awesome am I to pull that one off?

Here’s what I could have been blogging about the last week.

Monday had fantastic weather, so Big S and Little S went to the park IMG_0469 IMG_0470

Where Big S let her fend for her self and eat bark chips. At least that’s what I’m assuming from the picture he took. I wasn’t there, so I can’t say for sure.


(she’s the tiny thing in between the trees)

Monday was also Patriots' Day, so she was dressed accordingly IMG_0487

She’s such a cutie!

Friday afternoon we went over to see her friend Miss A for a little visit. Miss A is two months older and they are so cute together!

Miss A shared her wagon with Little S IMG_0488

Little S wasn’t too sure about this wagon thing IMG_0489

But they could both agree that it’s REALLY FUN to stand at the door IMG_0490


Little S also got some time with our friend Aunt Sunny babysitting on Saturday morning. And, her weekend was rounded out with a 3rd birthday party for a longtime friend’s son Grayson and a backyard BBQ at Mom’s co-workers house. Where-despite being tired from no afternoon nap, she charmed everyone. Even the anti-baby people. A few extra glasses of wine probably helped too. For the anti-baby people. Not the baby.

So, we’re back to the wired world. Which is good, because House looks really good tomorrow night!

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