Thursday, April 16, 2009

First Easter

Easter started with Breakfast at the church, where Little S gobbled up some kind of potato/cheese/other deliciously rich and probably fattening dish that someone had brought. I’m pretty sure she only ate it because she loves all things cheese.

Before the service started, we hung out in the nursery with Carter, her friend from church who’s Mom watches Little S on Thursdays now. Little S is really interested in everything he does, because he’s TWO! And knows a lot about the way the world works. IMG_0404

After church, it was nap time, and THEN we could see what the Easter Bunny brought. Which was mostly chocolate that only adults could eat… Thank You Easter Bunny! Little S also opened her Easter card from her cousin, that he signed all by himself IMG_0411

And then she chewed on it.

Our traditional Easter party at our friends Jim and Lisa’s followed. The weather was decidedly Portland spring, so very wet and cool, so instead of enjoying this lovely garden IMG_0422

Everyone was indoors around the wood stove enjoying traditional Easter Pizza


Tanya, aforementioned wood stove, Don, Caroline IMG_0423

Little S, Big S and Laurie

Little S discovered the window ledge and was happy as a clam up there, gnawing on pizza crust


A great Easter with lots of friends, a warm fire and delicious homemade pizzas.

One last Easter moment.

Little S is starting to figure out that her actions can make things happen. At church she found a toy that has wheels and moves when she pushes it. And of course, makes noise. A lot of noise. She rolled it back and forth for a while. Of course I was so gobsmacked by this development that it took a while to get the camera out. And by then she was pretty over it. But, here’s a glimpse of what I saw, and what we’ll only be seeing more of

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