Saturday, January 24, 2009

Why my husband is afraid to go to work

Because while he’s gone, he has to leave either me or the dog in charge of Little S. When he chooses me, this is evidently what passes for good parenting


Which by itself isn’t a problem, except the fact that the bottle had been up here


on the table previously. It didn’t fall on her, because that would have left a mark that I would be hard-pressed to explain away to him.

I thought maybe she was trying to tell us she needed a little something for her sore gums


And to think I would have guessed her more a vodka girl.

She’s evidently not a happy drunk either.  Her dinner was full of this demonstration of her new skill


Her new trick leads me to believe I am so screwed by the time she hits the terrible twos.

Don’t worry, Dad will be around again tomorrow to supervise us.

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dysfunctionalmother said...

You have an absolutely beautiful daughter! I am so happy for you :) Love reading your updates!