Saturday, April 11, 2009

The glamorous life

Ah yes, that’s how we live around here. Defining glamour. When you see this look-food on your clothes and in your hair-on the runways in Paris next year, you'll know where it began!


Just a great end to a day that also involved swimming in the dog water bowl. At least she then helped mop by crawling around in her sponge-like velour outfit. And really, I think it was all her way of getting me to clean UNDER the carpet that got soaked.

That happened not more than 5 minutes after it got quiet, I came in to find her and when she saw me, she spit out the two quarters in her mouth. I told her that’s not the kind of change we wanted in her (ba dump bump)

To keep her from any additional harm, we went on a nice dog walk with our friends Jim and Jamie and their dogs. IMG_0402

No, that’s not a bear on the right, just Jamie’s BIG but gentle (and slobbery) dog. The rain held off and it was a pretty good Easter Eve!

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Zozopdx said...

as much as I panic about Anneke swallowing dangerous stuff, she's usually pretty good about spitting stuff out--I mean, really. how can she like the taste of quarters if she won't even eat broccoli? she does like to snack on kleenex, though....