Sunday, May 03, 2009

Pre-Birthday weekend

As always, we pack a lot into the two short days that Mom has with her almost one year old.

We had a few hours off Friday afternoon, and it was another stellar spring day. So we put on her short-shorts (just Little S, I didn’t want to punish the neighbors by the sight of me in short-shorts) and headed to the park. Where we picked the flowers

 IMG_0495  and in a remarkable testament to her getting ever more mature, she didn’t try and eat them-but rather offered them to any passer-by’s IMG_0496

Saturday didn’t start off as expected thanks to a tired baby, awakened after too-short of a nap by the barking of a certain <ahem> dog. But, we still made it down to the opening of the Farmers Market IMG_0497

Turns out, balloons and the strings they’re attached to are REALLY FUN!

The afternoon got appreciably more exciting with a sudden thunderstorm that no one saw coming. High winds, a blinding downpour, thunder, lightning, hail. BAM!  Not even 15 minutes and it blew through. It was pretty spectacular for someone who so misses thunderstorms. We caught all that excitement on the way to a Kentucky Derby party at our friends Brad and Sara's.

Little S charmed the boys, who helped entertain her with ice cubes while Mommy drank Mint Juleps!


She tried on her first Derby hat. IMG_0502

I know that because the hat said “Derby” on it.

She also learned yet another new trick. Unlike the war whooping that Dad taught her, or the high-five that Mommy taught her, this one was self-taught and inevitable. The ability to climb DOWN stairs. IMG_0503

Previously, her only direction was up and she had no desire to even try to go down them. Now, it’s a whole new game.

It does make it easier when she curls up in her favorite chair with a book on a Sunday afternoon.

. IMG_0505

She doesn’t get stuck anymore.

A final photo. She was maneuvering herself around the ladder and I thought for sure she would get stuck. In the time it took to grab the camera off the counter to photograph her determination to get around the ladder at any cost, this is what I turned around to see IMG_0506

“What, me worry?”

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