Friday, February 05, 2010

a few midweek tidbits

Little S tried to convince us to mail her to the relatives


Sorry everyone. It didn’t work out.

Little S can pronounce “zoo” and “OMSI”, but “Children’s Museum” continues to elude her. We have a friend Molly who works there and when Big S and Little S visited last, they saw her there. So it was decided that instead of Children’s Museum, they would call it “Molly’s House”.

And they had fun at Molly’s house.IMG_1776

Even finding the face paint.


I hope she learns to put makeup on better in about 16 years from now. Little S-I promise Mom will step in for that part. No offense Dad.

That’s only a fraction of her weekly fun, but capturing it is hard when she’s on the go, go, go!!!

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