Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine’s Day in the Rain

You know it’s time for a new couch when the old one starts eating your baby


Any and all suggestions of where to find tough, stain resistant, affordable, and not baby eating couches are welcome.

Saturday morning was strange. After a good night of sleep following a string of not good nights, Little S was really mellow. She happily entertained herself in the corner (I know, nobody puts baby in the corner, but what if she puts herself there?*) IMG_1835

reading book after book. Of course this is the one day I had to be somewhere for work and not just working on the computer. She always knows…

For work, I had a special shirt for her to wear. She was VERY excited about it too. And every time she was leaning back so you could see the shirt & I went to take the picture, she decided she was ready for her close up


And would L-E-A-N in to the camera. The little ham. So, that picture of her utter cuteness in a shirt that’s way too big (Youth small) will have to wait for another, less hammy day.

Fortunately the day afforded us a chance for a walk. But, it’s kind of far after a few blocks, so, she found a perfectly wet rock wall to sit on IMG_1839

where she proceeded to try and convince me to sit on the wet brush next to her. I wasn’t biting. I’m a pretty bad Mom that way.

She is such a parrot in both words and actions right now. Monkey see:


(“Doggie. back” yes. doggie scratching her back) Monkey do:


(“fia. back” Yes. You’re scratching your back too.)

as she’s rolling around on the ground and I’m wondering what the neighbors must think. “No, we don’t just put her food in a bowl on the ground and Yes. If I could potty train her to the lawn, you bet I would in a heartbeat!”

Today was a pretty good El Nino weather day. Rain in the morning, than mostly sunny all afternoon and mid-50’s. That is, until we went to go to the park because Little S was LOSING it! and needed to burn off some energy.

And within just a few minutes of getting to the park, a nice little downpour. Big S tried to get Little S to the covered area. The minute her feet hit the ground, she took off, right back for the rain. Such an Oregonian-turning her face to the rain IMG_1854

Drenched to the core and still having fun? Check. IMG_1858

Was it a Happy Valentine’s Day (Or Happy Birthday if you asked Little S to say it)?  I would say so!


*A reference to the film “Dirty Dancing” in case you were wondering

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