Friday, February 05, 2010

A day in the life of a Friday afternoon

This Friday was one of the last few before work kicks back into high gear, so we made the most of it. Somehow, I even managed to get lots of photos, so here’s a photo journal of our afternoon.

“Driving” her knocked over shopping cart with Elmo trapped in the “trunk”. She’s very obsessed with “Mommy Car” and “Daddy Car” so I guess this is “Fia car” for now. IMG_1780

Stealing some of Mommy’s Raisin Bran


Minutes later, having ransacked her drawers and finding a dress that she’s outgrown after having never even worn it, she brings it to me and demands to wear it.  (You should hear our sock decisions in the mornings!) It actually looks really cute, but all the photo I could get was this as she was tearing apart the bookshelf at this one spot that she is obsessed with playing with


And on to the park. After hucking her stroller dolly to the ground and I tucked it in the back of the stroller, her little eagle eyes spotted it when she was out of the stroller. So her and dolly had a great time at the park. She finally discovers that she can tuck dolly under her arm and free up both hands for her adventures at the playground


She finds a walnut on the ground. I’m trying to convince her to put it back on the ground for the squirrel. She kind of ponders it as I tell her again and the she looks up at the tree near us and you can tell she’s thinking as I keep telling her to leave it for the squirrel. So then she does this IMG_1787

taking the walnut over to the tree and realizing she can’t put it up in the tree where the squirrels are, she puts it at the bottom of the tree. It was really amazing to watch the thought process come together.

And, then I guess the walnut was lonely IMG_1788

Stay dolly


I guess dolly looked cozy so Little S wanted to read a book under the tree IMG_1790

And then on to the big slide


And trying to get back up the hard way IMG_1793 

And on to another slide where she somehow manages to climb up to the platform unaided-except by her dolly IMG_1795

And down the slide with dolly again IMG_1797

Ever since she saw another girl on the little platforms like a balance beam, she’s been into walking on them too IMG_1802

Then. It was time to leave. I needed both hands and them some to strap her down to the stroller. I’ll leave you with the aftermath of her anger & frustration at having to leave


Because sometimes all you can do is throw your shoes! And a sock too.

But all this fun can be exhausting. And exhausted babies sometimes get frustrated when they can’t successfully crawl over their highchair legs and throw a rarely (so far) seen temper tantrum IMG_1806

But it made for an eager diner IMG_1808

The day came to a perfect close with Daddy getting home early and Little S wearing Daddy’s “mittens” and “hat”  IMG_1809


With only a bath and an early bedtime to cap off a wonderful Friday with Little S.

Another trip to the snow is in the cards for tomorrow, so a well rested baby will be a good thing.

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