Friday, February 19, 2010

An April like week in February

The weather has been much more April than February like. Much though I still don’t like it, we’ve made the most of the sunny & 60 degree days in a few stolen moments.

Monday was a holiday and Big S was out of town for 3 days for work. So Mom managed to tear herself away from work a little and go on a walk around the block with Little S. In case you were wondering, walking around ONE (1) city block takes her about 40 minutes sometimes. Not because her legs are that short, but just because there are SO!MANY!EXCITING!THINGS!TO!SEE!

And a public apology to all of our neighbors. She’s obsessed with all of your driveways, stairs and lawns. Thanks for not minding two strangers hanging out in your yard for an excessively long time.

One of her favorite driveways having both a hill and stairs! (and kids, so hopefully understanding parents)


Oh right. This particular walk also was a bike ride. Well, occasionally.

Hat off


Off Bike. (Not allowed to ride without it)

Hat on


On bike. And our favorite of late (except not really)



As she’s usually SCREAMING it at us that she wants to do it herself. Even if she can’t. She’s going to try and then get mad that it’s not working. And to think we couldn’t wait for her to get more independent.

So, she gave up. And found a small hole in the sidewalk. With small pebbles. Who knew I’d been missing it all these years?


A closer look at this interesting sight IMG_1870

Still not close enough


And then she licked the hole/pebbles.

At least she’s really good about spitting things out when I put my hand in front of her mouth…

And this was the last happy face after I told her to stop eating them and right before I told her “no” again, so she kicked off her boots in anger and I carried the bike, her helmet. her boots and a MAD wiggling, kicking & screaming baby the rest of the way home. Where she had a nice long nap.


Which left her refreshed for an afternoon at OMSI with Auntie Sunny.

I know we see a lot of squirrels in the neighborhood, but we were still amazed when she took (was handed) some of the play acorns from another kid and knew exactly where they went and what to do with them IMG_1874

That would be storing them in the tree for winter.

They had a big table with Legos out too. She loves building things. Especially with Auntie Sunny’s help. IMG_1877

Little S clearly doesn’t mind the sand between her toes, or anywhere else IMG_1879

The nice weather held all week and I managed to eke out a little extra time Wednesday afternoon so she didn’t have a whole week with the  poor babysitter since Dad was out of town. So, we headed for the park. Where she was all things SLIDE. IMG_1883

After convincing me to go down the big slide with her the first time (I tell you what. It is not meant for Mommy hips) She decided that this was the day that “I Did it. Self.” In her words.

It’s not so much the slide as the fact that there’s a pretty big step up to get into it. But the past few weeks she has become the stair MASTER taking stairs with a lot less “Mommy hand” and a lot more “self. SELF”. and she is successful. Climbing up and down all but the steepest stairs without our hands and without a handrail while remaining upright the whole time. That is something to be proud of “self”. And the results are that she can now climb up to and go down this slide IMG_1886

Again and again and again.


These sunny days have been fun for all of us.

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Zozopdx said...

okay, I've had a feeling she is kinesthetically gifted for a while now, and now I'm becoming convinced this is the case. that little girl is agile! we just got an OMSI membership, so we should meet sometime!