Sunday, January 31, 2010

jabob (Little S for “Good Job”)

Little S’ vocabulary is growing like crazy! Even if all the letters don’t quite make it to the right place. Now that she has mastery of so many words, she can use them in amazing ways.

One of her favorite books has a picture of a duck pulling a wagon, even though that’s not the main focus of the page. She targeted like a laser on that the other day and said "duck”. Then took a moment and thought about it and said “going”. “duck going”. Her word strings are more often than not 2 and sometimes 3 at a time. Enough to get her point across. Always great for Mom, Dad and kid when they can sort of tell you what they are seeing/want. It doesn’t always get there, but it sure is getting closer.

Big S and I feel like we spend a lot of the day in amazement at her developmental leaps and bounds. When we’re not too worn out by her already tireless energy. I’m glad I’ve started running again because keeping up with her will take everything I’ve got! One of the best ways to channel that energy is with new experiences, which Dad is great about getting her to. Like the aviary at the zoo. Not great for ornithophobics but the up close and personal experience is great for Little S.


On their first visit, one of the many birds actually landed on Big S’ back. It made quite an impact because on their next visit, the minute they went inside, Little S started saying “bird. back” and pointing to Daddy’s back-perhaps both remembering and hoping for a repeat performance.

Much to the chagrin of my ski store employed husband, a strong El Nino has taken hold off the coast. Many people might consider it ideal, I suppose, what with temperatures fairly consistent in the upper 40’s to low 50’s and a lot more sun than we are used to. While it’s not good for skiing, it is good for getting outside with friends and learning new tricks, like how to swing on our belly IMG_1755

and going back to the zoo and riding the animals. Sort of. IMG_1761



As she gets older, I’m also trying to find more opportunities for her to interact with kids her age, or as close as possible. Last week we went to our friend “Anka’s” house for some play time for the shorty’s and some pecan pie that was the best I have ever tasted. I mean, this stuff just melted in your mouth. Must be innate for southerners to know how to make a mean pecan pie!  (and she shared the recipe if you are interested. Check out the link)

New houses mean NEW! and DIFFERENT! toys. Like rocking horses IMG_1767

cars and wire whisks


and peekaboo with friends



The giggles were riotous! Thanks Caroline!

That little sheepdog that is our child? We FINALLY managed to convince her that wearing a barrette in her hair was not actually torture covered by the Geneva convention. And that her, the dolly, Mommy & Daddy all looked pretty with barrettes in their hair. Lucky Dad-we didn’t get any picture of that. So maybe SOON you’ll get to see the child under that hair in some photos.

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