Saturday, February 06, 2010

Saturday in the snow

Thanks to my friend T for organizing a snowshoe adventure. After our first visit to the snow, I hadn’t been that enthused to get Little S back up there. It’s a long drive to play in the snow for 15 minutes and have to leave with a cranky toddler. But, with a large group of us going, I figured more people to entertain Little S, we might last for maybe 30 minutes and then we could always go back to the car or just walk around the parking lot or something.

Plus, Big S’ store rents out a sled specifically for towing kids behind you as you as you X-country ski. or snowshoe. So even though she hates being tied down, I was thinking we could do a combo walk/pull.

The day was dry-definitely a bonus. We got two cars, 7 adults, 2 kids and 2 dogs up to the mountain at a reasonable hour. There hasn’t been much fresh snow and the trail was crusted over bumpy terrain. Which meant that with all the ruts, Little S tipped over fairly quickly. That made her less than enthused about the sled. So, after some complaining, I let her out to walk a little.


And get carried a little. The crusty snow that wasn’t so good for the sled at least made walking possible for Little S instead of sinking.  However, we weren’t going to get very far that way.  Fortunately the other girl with us, Abby hopped in the sled for a while. Because she was a MUCH bigger girl, Little S was enthralled with her.  So, when the offer was made for Little S to climn in the sled next to Abby, she accepted. 


So then we were able to cover some ground. With the exception of a small incident of someone getting both of their snowshoes undone by a third party prankster without noticing and having their forward momentum thwarted


The girls enjoyed a nice ride uphill back, courtesy of Mom. Eating snowballs the whole way.?  Who knew they were so tasty.

While we didn’t set any land speed records, we certainly had 2 tired kids, and at least one tired Mom. And possibly a few others too.

Once we got home and took a nice well-deserved nap, it was on to dinner. My little helper is getting more helpful when I cook. We worked on putting the salt into the meatballs IMG_1819

Of course there are still potential pitfalls abounding in the kitchen. Like when I turned my back, the sifter full of flour.. well it’s no longer full of flour.

It’s still so great to have a kitchen assistant who is learning more and more everyday.

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