Friday, March 12, 2010

Good Ole Dad!

You know it’s been a while since you’ve blogged when the tool I use to write these is no longer in my start menu.

Since my life has been utterly consumed with all things cookie, thank goodness for Dad. He’s been the one who always makes sure that Little S has fun every day. And with Mommy busy, he’s been bringing his “A” game! Thanks Dad! Wufyou.

We were lucky to have Nana & Jim come visit for a few days. They turned the house into a dance floor


Nana teaching Little S some dance steps

On a rare non-work moment, and an even rarer (this winter) rainy day, Little S played with the boys up the street. Where she learned fun things like holding on to mud pies. The end result you’ll see all over her hands IMG_1896

and knees


As the 5 year old is rolling around on the ground with her, helping her fall down for the ending of Ring around the Rosie, and then happily putting gravel in her hood, and his Dad keeps apologizing for them playing so rough with her, I am trying to reassure him that we don’t want to raise a wimpy girl. She’s not crying, she can take it. And she loved it all. Fortunately her mud pie lesson hasn’t been something she’s practiced again. Yet.

Being Daddy’s little helper, she had a great time, and daresay was an integral part of the new couch getting assembled.  IMG_1904 

IMG_1905 IMG_1906

It passed her inspection.

The unseasonably nice weather continued, so Dad took her out a lot. She FINALLY lets us pull her hair up out of her eyes. So, she now has that stereotypical toddler Pebbles ponytail


and a cute track suit to go with it. Thanks Grammie K!


One exciting addition to our household was a new bike trailer. We’ve been wanting one for a while and finally got one. Big S took some video of Little S enjoying herself back there.

She LOVES it! She gets mad when she has to ride in the regular jogging stroller and asks for “bike” a lot. With the cover on, she can’t throw things our of it, so last weekend she was happy as a clam as Mommy went for a ride with her friend. We rode about an hour, stopped at the park for 45 minutes of playing, and rode back. She hardly made a fuss at all. Mom couldn’t be happier!

Thanks to Dad, she got to visit one of her favorite places-the SOO (zoo).

Nice Kitty


That unseasonably nice weather? Finally turned seasonable with some snow flurries on what started as a sunny morning. (those streaks are falling snow)


Since she couldn’t play outside, she did some interior redecorating for us IMG_1928

by pulling all the mugs off of the shelf near her highchair. Fortunately, super Dad was on it and none ended up in shards on the floor.

And finally. Mommy’s cookie season was almost over and she got to actually enjoy the company of her daughter. Who has rock star aspirations, while eating


and even at our friend A’s house IMG_1932

I think she was recruiting her to join the band.

Well on our way to having a two year old who keeps us guessing, and in awe of her amazing daily developments.

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