Friday, October 02, 2009

What really matters

Nothing about me. Just the good stuff and bodily functions.


Sofia took the new van for a drive this week. She also is using the potty. Just for fun, we put her on her potty seat before her bath and much to our surprise, she used it! Since then, she uses it almost every time we put her on it, even taking a poop this morning. (One less diaper to wash-hooray!)  I’m not even close to thinking it’s time to retire the diapers yet, but at least she’s familiar with what’s supposed to happen when she’s there.

Our walking, dancing girl found a new favorite trick/dance move this week

With her around, there is always much to celebrate.


soilmama said...

that is hilarious! awesome on the potty-use too...I totally wish I had started that early.

soilmama said...

I just showed this video to Sam and told him that Sofia peed and pooped on the potty. He stared into space processing that info for several seconds, then asked where is the picture of Sofia on the potty? Maybe she can teach him a thing or two!