Sunday, October 11, 2009

Family adventure to Sconnie*

Little S, Big S and I all set out on a big jet plane again to visit the Grandparents in the vast open spaces of the Midwest.

Despite the 6+ hours of travelling, Little S was GREAT. Thanks to a DVD player and flight attendants willing to indulge her with tickles and “HI” over and over. Once we arrived and she had a chance to check out the joint the next morning, she quickly made a new friend IMG_1099

with a giant stuffed bear. And my parents’ dog IMG_1104

Yes, she is wearing her grandmother’s shoes and yes, she is going after a toy that was given to her stolen by said dog.

Madison has a great FREE zoo that we went to. Little S saw lions IMG_1105

tigers IMG_1110

(yes, bears too. But only one)

She met an alligator turtle


and pinguinos (penguins in Spanish) IMG_1117

She met a whole host of other animals too, but perhaps the ones that had the biggest impact on her that we didn’t get a picture of were the goats. They were waiting to be fed, so they were loud. After hearing them for a while, we kept walking and then she burst out with the loudest, gruffest “BAAAAAAA”. It’s definitely one of her most fun sounds of all of the animals she makes.

She’s learning tons of new words on this trip and getting to play on different playgrounds. She seems completely impervious to the fact that it’s COLD here and she’s started drinking milk. I guess she’s a Wisconsin girl at heart!

*Shorthand/nickname for Wisconsin as said by the locals.

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Zozopdx said...

so glad the trip went well! let's get these little talkers together soon!!!!