Monday, October 19, 2009

Home again, Home again, jiggity jig

A few final photos from the Dairy state.

We had to get a Wisconsin worthy winter coat while we were there. There won’t be many days when we need this out here. IMG_1177

Yes, it’s white. It was cheap and it’s washable. And really big still. Mostly, it’s just cute.

Little S also got some banjo lessons from one of my old High School pals-Steak.



All good things must come to an end and this was no exception. We boarded a plane and even managed to convince Little S to sleep for about an hour on the way home. One out of 12 ain’t bad.

After a few days of reacclimating, we jumped right back in to some Northwest activities with a hike. We went to Wahclella falls and saw…some waterfalls.



Some nice fall Gorge scenery


AND, we got WET! Some thunder, lightning and POURING rain. We made amazing time on the way back as we avoided rocks falling from the first really big rain of the fall freeing everything. The wet dogs and wet gear IMG_1195

The wet baby, bundled up post-hike. She never complained despite being pretty thoroughly soaked.


Then, we went up to a little community apple festival in Odell, OR on the slopes of Mt. Hood. It’s apple and pear harvest time and we got probably 50 pounds of apples-many of which I’ll make into Little S’ favorite breakfast food of applesauce. Even though it was a rainy day, we couldn’t resist the fresh made waffle cones and had to get an ice cream home. I knew Little S liked ice cream, but next time I’ll need two cones. She took my cone and wouldn’t give it back. She’d let me eat some, but there was no prying it out of her hands!


A rather messy venture and another sign of just how big and independent she’s getting.


Before I know it she’ll be asking demanding ice cream instead of just wrestling it out of my hands.

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