Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday run part II

It was a year ago that I was finally getting my running mojo back and taking a long run to celebrate my birthday and a gorgeous Sunday. And, it came to a quick end with a birthday fail. Not being able to run with a big splint, and then the rainy season, well it sort of put an end to my running until this summer. So, today was momentous. Not only did I successfully run that Sunday course that I haven’t run in a LONG time without breaking any bones, I also ran it without needing to stop every block to catch my breath. It’s good to have some semblance of pre-baby fitness back!.

Little S now walks about 95% of the time when she needs to get somewhere. As part of her independence, the other morning she decided she wasn’t going to wear what I had picked out for her. Instead, she picked out her own outfit


Pajama pants and a fleece sweatshirt-no shirt underneath.

We’ve also been wrestling with a couple of new teeth coming in on the bottom. Poor baby. They are so swollen it’s about half as tall as the tooth will be, but all swollen gums. Once we finally figure out that’s why she wasn’t sleeping and started loading her up with tylenol before bed, that’s helped immensely. However, some days she’s still a bit of a witch


I mean, she is riding her broomstick around, she must be a witch.

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