Sunday, October 11, 2009

Meeting Great Grandma & Poppy

Visiting my parents gets us within a 1/2 day’s drive of my grandparents and my Aunt and her family. This was a long enough trip to include a couple of days for travelling to central/Southern Illinois so Little S could meet her great grandparents.

If you haven’t travelled south through Illinois before, I have one word for you, Corn. The view around my grandparents house is pretty much what you see EVERYWHERE as you drive through the central part of the state. This is the view out their front yard

. IMG_1129

The side yard


And, the other side and the backyard IMG_1134

What’s a girl who’s mom has midwestern roots to do when surrounded by corn? Make herself right at home!


She was drawn again and again to the fields of corn. IMG_1146

And boy, did she love it!


She would have stayed there all day if we had let her.

We were finally able to drag her out of there and teach her the skills she would need to have her own plot of corn someday


That was only part of the adventure. She also got to meet lots of relatives. She fell in love with my cousin and really wanted to play with his because he was a bigger kid-she idolizes bigger kids. He was great with her. Lots of kids would have been annoyed with this little toddler following him around, but he was great. IMG_1123

She discovered how to ride in style with Poppy-her great grandfather. IMG_1158

It was really hard to tell who was more delighted about this discovery IMG_1159

She took right to my Aunt Jane and Grandma J. IMG_1164 

We were so fortunate to have four generations of women able to be together for a day filled with love. IMG_1166


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