Sunday, October 11, 2009

When in Wisconsin

Why not run a 5K? (No Little S content here. Just me)

Figuring it might be fun to do a little out of state race, I found one that fit the schedule. There was a University of Wisconsin Homecoming Week 5K Charity run. $20 to run and included a t-shirt AND a tailgate style ending with brats. Heck, why not?

For starters, it was COLD! Probably 34 degrees, and by the water, probably a lower wind chill than that. I don’t know the area at all, but come Sunday morning, I found my way down there. It was a little nerve wracking to have so many college kids running too. But, it was also geared towards alumni, so I saw a few walkers and I knew I wouldn’t be DFLast.

Somehow, they managed to find the ONLY hill in Wisconsin to start the race by having us run up. I quickly discovered that college student does not = fit.  Feeling good and able to feel 7 out of 10 of my fingers, I enjoyed a great run. Got a tour of part of the campus, including silos and the stock barn, followed by the poultry research barn (it IS the midwest). Then, the course ran along Lake Mendota. I was worried the course was going to end with having to run back up the big hill. but, there was only a slight downhill to the finish line that kept it from being flat. And with a college student that I had been trading places back and forth with inspiring me, I was able to find another gear and finish strong. And, then stand in line for the race T-shirt


Only to find out they didn’t have enough for everyone, so I’ll have to figure out how to get one when they tell me they’re in. Oh well, it gave me a chance to stand in another lineIMG_1170

to await my delicious Johnsonville brat, hot off the grill. It was surprisingly tasty on a cold day after a race.

Race scenery (the lake in the background. I didn’t take the camera on the run with me)


Bucky Badger, the UW mascot. Inflatable edition. IMG_1172

A fun little vacation adventure and probably the coldest 5K I’ve ever run! It’s probably more of the UW campus than I would have ever seen otherwise. Definitely worth it, even without the shirt.

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Zozopdx said...

dude, there's no WAY I could have run a 5K in college.