Sunday, October 25, 2009

Little Stinker

Someone has taught herself to climb out of her crib. Well before we were prepared to put her in a big girl bed. This started at nap time last week. Giving me a good opportunity to practice my poker face the first time it happened. I heard some clamoring around and about the time I figured out what it was and went to her room, there she was coming out the door saying “HI”!  Biting my lip, I put her back to bed-where she thankfully stayed and then I could go out to the other room and finally laugh.

It’s appropriate then, that this was her costume for her second annual Moreland Monster March parade


Costumed kids (and some Mommies & Daddies in costume too) for many, many blocks


She even acted as the kind of skunk most of us are used to seeing


Thanks to sis Dawn for getting the costume to us in time for the parade. And to Grandma W. for making it many years ago and remembering to ask Dawn about it. Little S was a hit.

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