Monday, March 02, 2009

Running Slow Prevents Bike Thefts*

*actual results may vary

A couple of weeks ago, I realized that my daily dog and baby jogs just weren’t cutting it anymore. I actually was wanting a longer run. (i can’t believe those words just flowed from these fingertips). I also made the mistake of saying out loud that I was going to run the Shamrock run, my first race in a year, and the last race I did pregnant. That will mean a 5K without stopping. The morning runs are leisurely, a stop for a dog sniff, slow down to put the stroller down a curb and then up another, etc. I needed to train in a more realistic race environment. (who the heck is writing this?)

So, I made arrangements with Big S that I could go back to my running club on Monday nights for a quick 5K run while he was on extra long baby duty. (Is he the greatest Dad and husband ever or what?)

So last week, I made it to Niketown for the group run. I planned on 3 miles. I met a gal built like me who was new and offered to run with her to show her the route. She was hurting a LOT so we walked a good part of the way until I got her down to the out and back. Then I really wanted to RUN! So, I did. I ran. I figured another mile or two and then meet up with her, but it felt good. It felt GREAT! So I ran to the 5 mile turnaround and all the way back. So, maybe 4 miles total running. I was pretty much the last person back, but oh well.

Right outside Niketown, there is a bike "staple” to lock bikes to. There were about three bikes there. The only reason I even noticed was that I saw a friend’s very identifiable BMX bike there, and I was glad because I wanted to say Hi to him. I notice a lady at the three bikes who was sort of fumbling around. I looked closer and saw that it was like she wanted to pretend to have a key for one, but didn’t. There are a lot of crazy people downtown, so I didn’t think too much of it. Went inside, milled around a little and on my way to get my keys, saw my friend and told him “I think someone may be trying to steal your bike” kind of offhandedly-not even sure his bike was there. He made some comment back, but decided to check it out. I left later and the bike was gone and he didn’t come back in, so I didn’t give it another thought.

This morning there was an email from the president of the running club who talked to bike guy yesterday and he wanted to know how to get a hold of me. Interesting, I thought. It was enough motivation to get me back to running club tonight, even though I had a ton of work to do and was still sore from epic adventuring on Sunday (that story tomorrow).

I run into bike guy and he tells me that sure enough, his bike was about to be stolen. He had gone outside and saw that someone had bolt cutters and was cutting his cable, so he took several steps back took a running leap at the person-jumping with both feet up to kick the person. Then, put the person in a headlock and dropped the suspect to the ground. At this point, bike thief’s lookout/accomplice gives her the bike he’s on to getaway. Bike guy chases her (he’s a SUPER fast runner) and catches her and tells a security guard to call the cops. I’m not sure of the exact details of what happened after that, but, bike guy found out that she pretty much steals bikes for a living. That she was one more cut away from having his cable cut and his bike stolen, and that his bike turned out to be worth a whole lot more than he thought (like, it might put it into felony range and not just misdemeanor range. right JS?)

So, he was VERY thankful to me and wanted to know if he could have my contact info in case they needed witnesses or something. And he upgraded to a U lock. So the whole turn of events put me in a GREAT mood for a run. Not to mention a clear, warm-ish day and a run along the waterfront. It all lead me to the best run in a long time. 5 miles, non-stop at something resembling a respectable (for me) pace.

And now, the reality of the last two days hits my muscles and I think it’s time for dinner and a soak. But what a great end to the day. I feel like a little bit of a hero and Shamrock-here I come.

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