Sunday, March 29, 2009


Little S’s pincer grasp has evolved, along with her love of new foods and feeding herself. The results mean we need a whole lot more Oxi-clean.



Blueberries. or possibly her first attempt at putting on make-up


Everyday her little food repertoire increases. And her ability to cram a lot in her mouth. This morning, I took a bite of a donut hole and she leaned towards it. I gave her what I thought would be a bite. She managed to cram the rest of it (less than half of the (w)hole) into her mouth without choking or spitting it out. If it’s sweet, she’ll eat it. Just like Mom.


Stimey said...

She's absolutely adorable!

soilmama said...

I showed this to Sam so he could see "Topaia" (his pronunciation of Sofia). He smiled and exclaimed "Topaia wash hands!"