Saturday, March 28, 2009

Babies don’t care how many books you read. Also, it was a good day.

I’ve decided this entire post is pretty horribly written, but I am too tired to re-write it, so if you’re an English major, or good editor, this might be excruciating to read. Put your red pen away.

You think by now I would have learned that babies don’t really care what “SHOULD” happen, according to “the books.” They’re going to do whatever they want, when they want. Turns out reading a bunch of books, like six, on a topic like say, sleep, won’t magically make the baby sleep better. What a learning curve. With so much in life previous to baby, if I read enough I could usually figure out the right answer or how to do something new. My left brain refuses to accept that it ain’t gonna work that way with Little S. My tired brain can’t remember that this isn’t forever, and it could always be worse. I hope that when I re-read this in five years, I can barely remember the daily battles for naps and bed. I fear that instead, I’ll think getting her to bed as a baby was easy compared to her five year old self.


Today was an exciting change of pace. While I didn’t want it to start at 4:45 this morning, it was going to be an early start anyway. What’s an extra hour and a half early? It did ensure that we got to the Mountain early for a good parking spot. Also, that Little S would sleep the whole way there plus a few minutes.

Today was the day I organized a yearly group ski for work. Last year, I was up and boarding 34 weeks pregnant with the then unknown gender “Brady Moss”. (And I wonder why she needs so much motion to go to sleep!)  It’s pretty neat to think back to last year and now get to take her up to the Mountain with me as a small human.

I decided to splurge a little and utilize the Day Care at the Mountain for two hours so I could get some runs in. I’m VERY glad I did. I forget how much I really love snowboarding. Never mind that it’s really windy, there’s no visibility and the snow is soaking our clothes; I had so much fun! Sadly, I only got three runs in by the time I got changed and dealt with more work stuff. Those three were fantastic! Hopefully Big S and I can find another day to get up there together and utilize their great Day Care. Little S did great in Day Care, and got decent naps in the car on the way up and down. She was such a trooper being hauled around all morning by me. I had hoped to get some pictures of her playing in the snow, but it was NOT fun to even go to the car with it so snowy and windy.


(note sideways blowing snow and general dark, stormy day. Also note close parking spot-back of the first row of general parking)




Instead, I took a picture when she was happily in the car 


I think she’s actually thankful to be out of the elements.

Oh, and she is now a season pass holder at Mt. Hood Meadows. Never too young! I know as soon as she can walk, Dad will be sizing her for her first pair of skis. Look for that post next year.

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Zozopdx said...

I have been thinking of you this week in Arkansas because it has been SO HARD to get Anneke to sleep. I agree about the books. and that it's hard to remember that they'll grow out of it when you've tried unsuccessfully to put her down for a nap three times!