Monday, March 09, 2009

Adventures in ferretsitting

Because our house doesn’t harbor enough chaos, the gods decided that Big S would be the lucky finder of a wayward ferret.

On his walk to drop little S off at the sitter, he sees something white running around, sniffing things and calls it for what it is, a ferret. After tying the dog up. he goes to it on a porch and it happily comes over to sniff him. He picks up the wet little critter, puts it in his pocket and continues on. Ferret seems relieved and falls asleep. Dog is blissfully oblivious.




Cute little gal-no?




Upon return home, he puts it in a cat carrier with food and water and towel-y type things and it goes on the van to work for the day. Wheels are put in motion to find it’s rightful owner, and former ferret parents Jim and Lisa are consulted.

Never wanting Little S to miss new adventures, and after deeming Betty the ferret to be quite a little sweetie, I introduce the two. I’m not sure who was more curious about the other


Deciding that we just don’t have the capacity to deal with trying to keep yet another life form alive at this point, we shuttle it off to foster car at Jim and Lisa’s. Who are delighted to have such a little sweetheart to enjoy for a while.

After a false lead to a possible owner, Big S finally gets a chance to make some signs and thanks to Daylight Savings Time-posts them in the area where he found Betty the ferret. He decides to try to see if the people at the house where it ran to knew anything about any missing ferrets.

Sure enough, they had realized in Saturday that they were missing one. (I guess they have five) and that it may have been missing for a few days. The foster parents are called in and Hazel the ferret is returned to her proper name and proper home, much to the delight of a youngster living there, and what seemed like slight disappointment from her father. Turns out it wasn’t her first adventure, but “she usually comes back.”

So, while it was cute and very entertaining, it’s a relief to not have to protect what amounts to a weasel/rat from a dog, two cats,a baby and the constant threat of escape. Although I’m sure more crazy pets will make their way into our house at some point. Just not this week.

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Stimey said...

I LOVE ferrets. LOVE them.

But I'm with you right here:

"it’s a relief to not have to protect what amounts to a weasel/rat from a dog, two cats,a baby and the constant threat of escape."

True that. And hilarious!