Saturday, February 28, 2009

Girls Day Out

All week I’ve been looking forward to several things.

Happy Hour on Thursday for my friend Kathryn’s birthday. Dad watched Little S, Mom slammed two drinks and talked to grown-ups.

Sunday’s adventure for my friend Emma’s birthday (that is sure to warrant it’s own entry).

Not having to work (much) today, getting to spend quality time with Little S instead of working, AND hanging out with my friend M and her daughter E.

Of course weeks and weeks of sunshine came to a screeching halt with a windy, overcast day today. M and I planned to go to the park because there just aren’t a lot of options that will entertain a 9 month and a 17 month old at the same time. At least none that came to mind.

But, we wouldn’t be very Oregonian if we let a little weather (did I mention it started raining, too) stop us. So, we loaded up strollers with babies and some liquid “mother’s little helper” and ventured out.

We promptly put the babies behind bars so we could drink without interruption.



Little S was not intimidated by crawling on a surface that was bouncy and 4 feet off the ground


Little S showed E her favorite thing to do at the park-swing! IMG_0273

Nothing says Girls Day Out like a night at the Ale House, joined by T, Lisa and honorary girl-Jim. No photos of that because wrangling babies, feeding them and trying to eat AND sample beer for “Beer Brawl II” where you get mystery beers and vote on your favorite. Well, that was pretty much an all hands on deck maneuver. At least Little S can hold her own French Fries now. Because nothing balances a babies diet like fried starches. Yep. Motherhood Hall of Fame-here I come.

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